The Groningen School’s International Peace Quilt Writing Project

We all feel very proud and honoured to have been part of this project and we, in fact, hope that this could continue with a visit of the peace quilt to our school in Groningen, The Netherlands. Globalisation plays an important role in our school and we think that the peace quilt will raise a more affective awareness in our students of the positive things we can accomplish when we all work together. We would like to do a project around the peace quilt in which we could work together with other schools in Groningen, but also with other schools abroad.

As a follow on from Chantal Laarman’s email from The Netherlands…Chantal and Augustinus College have created a peace project with a writing element, and since the Schools’ International Peace Quilt will be visiting Groningen in April, the school would like to run a project alongside this visit.

Chantal already has contacts with schools from: The Basque country, Germany, Spain, Italy and Norway.

Requirements for submissions:

All students are invited to write a piece in English (essay, poem, short story, etc.) about the subject of world peace.

Possible titles:

– My wish for peace.

– What the word ‘peace’ means to me.

– What needs to happen for world peace to occur?

– How can children promote peace in the world?

– What can you do to help keep peace in your school and in your classroom?

– How I tried to make peace.

– Why this person should be honoured as a ‘peace ambassador’ here.

– What a world at peace would be like.
These written pieces will be collected and put on wall charts. Photos and small drawings will then be added (from a school contest about peace photos).

In front of the written pieces the school will put big drawings (side-view portraits) of the different nationalities that participate in the project.

Please email Chantal Laarman, to whom we are very grateful for her foresight with this project. Email your submissions to:

If you would like your work to be included on the SIPQ site, please don’t hesitate to send it on to us.

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