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Aim: To mobilise youths all over the world for the promotion of the Olympic ideals of building a better and more peaceful world.

Dates: Thursday 21st September International Day of Peace (United Nations) OR a day as near to this as best fits in with your school timetable.

Difficulty: Easy – At the participating schools discretion.

Preparation: A couple of hours to prepare and an hour for the event.

Mode: Walk or Jog

1. Participation is optional.

2. Choose a suitable venue/ exercise area.

3. Participating schools may start with a procession, with a member of the school swearing in the oath to follow the rules as set, and to compete with honour and respect. Schools may like to use the Youth Olympics Oath or you may create your own:

In the name of all the coaches and other members of the athletes’ entourage, I promise that we shall commit ourselves to ensuring that the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play is fully adhered to and upheld in accordance with the fundamental principles of Olympism.

The Belgian fencer Victor Boin’s oath in Antwerp in 1920 was:

We swear. We will take part in the Olympic Games in a spirit of chivalry, for the honour of our country and for the glory of sport.

4. Participants may either walk or jog depending on their fitness levels.

5. There is a choice of three events to choose from which are in keeping with past and present Olympic Races: 200 metres, 800 metres and 1500 metres. Please take the age of participants into account.

a. The Stadion Race founded in 776 BC Younger kids (kindergarten and 1st grade) to walk or jog 200 metres. The earliest measurement of the Stadion was 600 ancient feet or 192 metres).

b. The Diaulos Race founded in 724 BC Second grade and up, to walk or jog 800 metres. (The earliest measurement of the Diaulos was anywhere from 1400 to 4800 Greek feet).

c. The Dolichos Race founded in 720 BC This is a longer foot race and may be more appropriate for children over 12 or those with higher levels of fitness. The participants walk or jog 1500 metres. (The earliest measurement of this race would vary from 4409 feet to 15118.11 feet).

For more information please email us at

Pictures from Stride for Truce 2016

All participants receive an olive branch.



The pupils of Nehemia School, Pogradec, Albania, joyfully joined the peace-loving army of school children all over the world, demonstrating their love for peace through competing fairly in running. Shkolla Nehemia, is a non- public school part of NEHEMIAH GATEWAY ALBANIA non-profit organisation.

Shkolla Nehemia, Albania Stride for Truce 2016
The crowning of those victorious with wild olive leaves in the form of a wreath.



“I really thank Zinete Osmani, Klevis Cane, Ermonela Rena for their devotion and responsibility; Rovena Tasellari, Blerina Malasi, Jeta Cano, F. Hasanllari for their support, and Gazi Berberi for the peace-symbol-branches.”

Luiza Besholli, Head of Youth Education.

Thank you to Luiza and everyone from Shkolla Nehemia for bringing this together for Albania.


Benin Stride for Truce 2016 WP_20160616_09_29_33_Pro

This year The English International School Benin linked their ‘Sports Day’ with the Stride for Truce/Peace Project, the aim of which is to mobilise youths globally for the Olympic ideals of building a more peaceful world.

Benin Stride for Truce WP_20160616_09_22_48_Pro
Benin Stride for Truce 2016

Under clement skies in the heart of Cotonou’s rainy season, our children competed in fun races and games, sporting their ‘Stride for Peace’ t-shirts in the colours of their houses: Einstein, Newton and Mandela. We marked the start of the event by striding and then jogging around the school field 3 times. Even our youngest ones were able to keep pace for the sake of peace! A grand time was had by all.

By Rebecca Khelseau-Carsky
Head teacher





Wonderful pictures from the Xewkija Primary School in Malta who took part in Stride for Truce 2016.


The opening ceremony in Malta consisted of the Olympic song being sung, the doves of peace, a parade which included the carrying of the Olympic flame and rings.



Bahrain and St. Christopher’s School Stride for Truce 2016

Bahrain Stride for Truce 2016

As part of the House Sports Week, our Senior School students supported the Stride for Truce 2016 initiative on Thursday 16 June. The aim of this event was to mobilise young people all over the world for the promotion of the Olympic ideals of building a better and more peaceful world.

The Youth Olympics Oath was read over the Tannoy by Dana Tartir and students were encouraged to show good sportsmanship while competing. The Peace Day Committee, composed of Sixth Form students, organised races for Years 7, 8 and 9 including 100m sprint, 100m race walking and 100m rope skipping. 

The Youth Olympics Oath:  In the name of all the coaches and other members of the athletes’ entourage, I promise that we shall commit ourselves to ensuring that the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play is fully adhered to and upheld in accordance with the fundamental principles of Olympism.

By Rola Al Hammoud Mathematics Teacher / Head of Year 13

As it is extremely hot in Bahrain at this time of year the event was held indoors. Races were also adapted so they were doable for the students (some were also fasting for Ramadan). A very well done to all those who participated.

Following is the link to the article on the school website



From the Marsaskala Primary School in Malta we have received their YouTube video of the organised event. Well done to everyone involved.

Please check it out here.




Marymount, Italy.

Thanks so much  to Sally Cameron, all staff and students in MaryMount School, Italy for this wonderful peace sign created to celebrate Peace Day  2013.
We thank Foundacioni Nehemia Albania for beginning a Circle of Peace Around the World for Peace Day September 21st 2012. Well done to all involved. All Staff and Students joined hands at noon their time and said a Prayer for Peace.
 Albania 21 september (3)

The Marymount School in Italy formed a human circle of more than 700 people which included students, faculty and staff who all joined hands in a display of school unity to celebrate International Peace Day on September 21st. This activity included a moment of silence where everyone said a prayer for World Peace.

“At noon the students of  4, 5 , 6 and 7 grades together with teachers ( total 210 people) went in our school yard  and joined their hands to be part of the International Circle of Peace. They sent their best wishes to the world and prayed for peace all over the world.It was the first time we had participated in such activities but it was unforgettable.” Irina Volynets.

Special thanks to  Irina Volynets, teacher of English and the coordinator of telecollaborative projects in Slonim gymnasium 1, Belarus.


Thank you so much to Rebecca for sending us the photo for Benin’s circle of peace.

“We took part in International Peace Day at our small school by going onto our field and forming the peace symbol. We look forward to a continued collaboration… ”  Rebecca Khelseau-Carsky

A big thank you to all of those who have contributed to the Schools’ International Peace Quilt so far. It looks wonderful – the students’ contributions have really made this a truly inspiring and unique project.

I’m delighted to let you know that we now have 203 countries represented on the Quilt. Please do spread the word about this project; we’ve had such a fantastic and moving response so far. We would love to have every country of the world represented so children everywhere have the chance to give their voice for Peace to the World. Please support all children.


A chance to create a CIRCLE OF PEACE across the globe

A circle is a powerful symbol that represents unity and harmony. It has no end.

September 21st is United Nations World Day of  Peace  sometimes referred to as Peace Day. In 2002, all of the member states of the United nations agreed that this day would be a day for Global Cease fire and non- violence. The day is having a huge impact. Since 2007, 4.5 million children have been vaccinated against Polio in Afghanistan

On Peace Day in 2008 in Afghanistan the United Nations Department for Safety and Security, which monitors security related incidents, recorded a 70% reduction in violent incidents

In 2010, on Peace Day, over 50,000 children and women of child bearing age, across 23 high risk locations of greater Kabul, were vaccinated against deadly diseases. In 2010, Peace One Day instigated a total of 88 life-saving and humanitarian activities by 28 organisations in 31 countries.  (Source:

The day began with one mans’ vision, Jeremy Gilley, in much the same way that the Schools’ International Peace Quilt came about, but it takes everyone to come together with one vision to make it truly successful.

Can you join us in a call for Peace ?

We want to play our part and are calling for everyone involved in the Schools International Peace Quilt Project to take part in an activity for September 21st each year. As part of our commitment we would love the help of  all your students and Staff  to create something special, a CIRCLE OF PEACE around the World.

This will work in much the same way as extending an olive branch. We would love for all students and staff to join hands on September 21st  at 12:00 noon your time. For everyone to close their eyes for 1 minute and make a wish or a prayer for peace. In this way we create a continuous circle of Peace around the World.

To mark this moment, you could stand everyone in a line, holding hands, with the two people on the ends of the line holding out their hands. Take a picture of each end of your  line, i.e. two photos. Lucy  is willing to join all Schools/ Countries Photographs together to symbolise us all joining hands in the name of peace.

Please send your pictures of the activity to  Lucy Tasker,Project Co-Creator, by email or 

We look forward to hearing your stories which maybe sent to and seeing your  pictures of the event which we will add to your Schools/Countries Page on the blog.

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  1. I write a women’s healing blog ( The blog’s feature post runs for one month on the home page. I would love to feature your organization and pictures done by the children. There isn’t a better time than now to hear from the voices of our children. Thank you for considering allowing me to share with my readers what your organization is all about. Velda Wilson, Certified Energy Therapist

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