The Schools’ International Peace Quilt

2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt

Our Schools’ International Peace Quilt works as a collective response to the principle behind both the traditional and modern Olympic ideals of building a peaceful and better world.

The focus of the Quilt is to invite children from all over the world to make a wish for peace.

We want the children`s wishes to speak out to the world and remind us of the simple wishes of a child in our complex and damaged world as we meet together in the shared experience of the Olympic Games, with its inherent values of building peace.

We wanted to encourage children from every country in the world to connect in one purpose.

We hoped that with this activity young people would be given the opportunity to reflect on their feelings about peace and how it can be achieved; be able to understand and empathise with those in situations of conflict creating greater cohesion and then promote PEACE within their local communities and further afield including competitors, World Leaders, and Governments.

The idea of a Quilt, which begins as an individual activity and then becomes a representation of a collective voice, felt a powerful and practical way to achieve our aims. Its story is told in and through the universal language of visual art making its meaning accessible to ALL.

Quilting is traditionally a way of creating an artefact which brings together a community. Each square is unique to its maker and tells an individual story in visual image, colour, form, texture, stitch and pattern.

This is then brought together with other individual stories to tell a collective story which reflect a community at a particular time for a particular purpose.

The Schools’ International Peace Quilt promotes peacemaking by raising awareness of the issues for different countries expressed in their wishes.

The ripples of the Olympic Quilts will have a lasting impact because most of the participating countries have chosen to create their own peace quilt as a wish for peace.

This will leave a legacy which can be spoken about to the post 2012 Olympic generation and exists as a reminder of the Olympic Ideal to promote a more peaceful and better world.

Lucy Tasker

Project Co- Creator

Abraham Moss Community School U.K.

Copyright © 2019 Schools International Peace Quilt, All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “The Schools’ International Peace Quilt

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  1. Hi Lucy,

    What a beautiful project you have here! My name is Elisa Wynn with Earthdance International and we’d love to explore ways to join forces with International Peace Quilts to promote PEACE in 2012!

    As you may know, this year will be the 16th Annual Earthdance Global Festival and Prayer for Peace on September 22, 2012, occurring simultaneously in over 200 event locations worldwide. For more information on our organization, please visit:

    What is the best email to reach you? Hope to hear back from you soon!

    In peace,

    Elisa M. Wynn
    Earthdance International
    1286 Folsom St.
    San Francisco, CA 94103

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Soodha, from Maldives. We have received a letter requesting to select a school for this project. I have a query, as this is bringing art pieces together, why is is restricted to one school? what are the time frame for sending the art pieces? What else are on the broader picture of the project?

    Hope to here from you shortly.
    with best regards

    Teacher Educator (Co-Curricular Unit)
    Educational Development Centre
    Ghaazee Building, 2nd Floor
    Ameeru Ahmed Magu,
    Male’, 20125

    Mobile: + (960) 7993575
    Office: + (960) 3303864
    Fax: + (960) 334 5902

    1. Dear Soodha,
      Thank you for getting in touch. To explain the reason for just one school from each Country in this project, is that the initial idea was to unite the whole world in this message of peace from Young People, all as a celebration of the Olympics. To do that, we thought the easiest way of including all so to speak, was to have One school from each Nation. Also as Lucy`s idea was to create an INTERNATIONAL PEACE QUILT, it is going to be pretty big with even every Country represented in this way. As in the beginning it was just the two of us, it would have been a massive undertaking at that point. Even for many schools to send in drawings, we would have had to choose one to represent each Country and many would have been disappointed.
      However there is opportunity for each Country to take on this project in their own Countries as Uganda is doing. The idea here would be to involve all schools that were interested to take part and each Country could create their very Own Peace Quilt. If all Countries were in a position to do this that would be quite a voice. This would also mean having leaders in each Nation to help coordinate the project there, which may or may not be possible.
      There are so many off shoots that could be realised from this project that I feel this may only be the beginning. For now we must focus on including every Country and in time for the Olympics.
      We would therefore like to receive drawings before the end of March so that we can make sure all pieces are quilted ready and that any Countries we are still missing will be included. The Quilt will definitely be going to exhibitions and displays from June onwards, if not before so it would be great to have ALL Countries joined in the Quilt by then.
      Hoping to have young people from The Maldives included, I look forward to being in contact with you again soon,
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Juanelle,
      Great to hear from you and if you have use of a scanner we will love for you to send us a drawing in A4 size of how Peace looks to young people from St. Kitts and Nevis. I have sent you an email with all the information in,Please let me know that you have received it and if there is anything you are unclear about,feel free to ask, Thank you so much, Trish

    1. Hi Anita, If you go to the exhibitions page there are pictures of displays to date, as the project has progressed. When the Quilt is on display in London the intention is for it all to be one, as it is hoped to hang all 8 sections side by side on the wall. There is also a list of places it is being exhibited on this page.Our Italian school involved is also interested to have the quilt at some point, so European schools maybe on the agenda. x

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