NEW ZEALAND, Kristin Junior school

13 Nov
By Allyson Francisco

We all wish for peace because we are Anzacs by Allyson Francisc0

Kia ora

We have received a number of lovely drawings and designs from the Kristin Junior School in Auckland, New Zealand.

“The students designed and painted their art during an after school art class, taught by Visual Art teacher Timea Willemse. They were given the brief and ideas were shared before starting their individual work. We are very pleased with their efforts and hope that you enjoy viewing them too!”

Jane Sargeant (Y3 Teacher).

Arkhip Galaganenko

Arkhip Galaganenko

We all wish for peace because we want no war.

Dasha Golovkova

Dasha Golovkova

We all wish for peace because without war the world is beautiful and free.

Eddie Zhang 4a

Eddie Zhang 4a

We all wish for peace because we don’t want to suffer and die. We want to enjoy having a great life.

Emma Lee 5b

Emma Lee 5b

We all wish for peace because life becomes much easier if you accept apologies you never get!

Griffin Kilfoyle

Griffin Kilfoyle

We want to bring peace to the world because the world needs peace to grow.

Isla Lewis 5a

Isla Lewis 5a

We all wish for peace because peace means a happy life.

Izzy Karim 4m

Izzy Karim 4m

We all wish for peace because no one wants to get hurt.

Kino Shi 3l

Kino Shi 3l

We all wish for peace because its better than fighting.

Lorreta Wang 5b

Lorreta Wang 5b

We all wish for peace because when there is peace all animals are safe and sound!

Lucy Leng 4b

Lucy Leng 4b

New Zealand by Lucy Leng 4b

Melanie Tsui 4b

Melanie Tsui 4b

We all wish for peace because we need to stop war to be kind.

Seren White 5 b

Seren White 5b

We all need peace because we don’t like to suffer loss as in wartime!

Theodore Karim 6g

Theodore Karim 6g

We all wish for peace – Bring peace not war.

Tom Rebbeck

Tom Rebbeck

We all wish for peace because we don’t like arguing.

Sophie Li 4b

Sophie Li 4b

Peace is good for us.

Tony Zhang 4b

Tony Zhang 4b

If you don’t show peace nobody will show peace.

Vivien Luo5b

Vivien Luo 5b

We all wish for peace because we want peace for all.

Melinda Xu 4a

Melinda Xu 4a

We all wish for peace because death makes us sad- The Fountain of peace

A huge thank you to Principal Diana Patchett for agreeing to take part, to all the students for their wonderful work and to Timea Willemse Visual Arts and Jane Sargeant Year 3 Teacher who assisted. The school logo of a stylised dove has been used to great effect in the children’s designs.

Kristin Live

The flag of New Zealand consists of a dark blue base with a British Union Jack in the upper left quarter. On the right side of the flag are four, five-point red stars outlined in white. The stars are positioned to represent a southern cross.

FRENCH POLYNESIA, Lycee Paul Gaugin School Tahiti

10 Nov

From the Students of Lycee Paul Gaugin School in Tahiti, French Polynesia we received this message.

“We are grade 10 students studying at Lycée Paul Gauguin. We are three girls, Hania, Heiariki and Leiali’I speaking on behalf of our classmates.

Last month we worked on the LPG Peace Quilt 2015, we drew drawings to show what peace means for us and we organized a poster contest.

After that, we made groups. Each group worked on a Nobel peace prize winner and we answered two questions: “What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?” and “Why do you think peace is important?”

We did all the project with our English teacher in English class.

Thank you.


The students of grade 10 at LPG.

By Leeloo, Camille, and Heilani

By Leeloo, Camille and Heilani

By Jade,Elorri, Vai, and Cassi

By Pauline, Lisa and Cynthia

By Jade,Elorri, Vai and Cassi

By Jade,Elorri, Vai and Cassi

By Bastien, Lucas, and Yanis

By Bastien, Lucas and Yanis

Vaimana,Terens and Teivitau

Vaimana,Terens and Teivitau

Following are the submitted writings from the students of the Lycee Paul Gaugin School in Tahiti.

When we drew our drawing we wanted to do something original and to participate in the peace quilt and Peace day. We chose this drawing to represent the LPG school on the International peace quilt 2016 Rio Games.

Peace is important for everyone, because without peace maybe there are wars in all countries. It’s important to have a good relationship with others.

Without Peace there is no world heritage, education, equality and we aren’t free.

IF YOU WANT TO BE FREE, FIGHT FOR PEACE.                                                                                                        

Timeri, Kim, Ravea, Rémona


When we created the drawing, we put peace symbols, as the peace and love sign, the dove bird and the Buddha. We were thinking about tolerance, acceptation, love, non-violence, globally all human values, because all of them could bring peace on earth. Violence comes from bad and greedy mentalities, we wanted to show that the world misses humanity

We think peace is important because violence prevents communication, agreement; it even prevents negotiations. Communication is the basis, we don’t need wars to resolve problems, because that doesn’t resolve anything! That makes deaths, blood, tears, despair. The world doesn’t need despair, it needs love and sharing.

Bring humanity in mentalities.

Manon, Cloé, Lokelani, Tauhiti, Camille

In our mind, peace is important because without peace we will die with the wars in the world. To be happy and solidarity we need peace. When we are in peace we are not racist too. Anywhere and anytime, war is present. Nobody can escape war, anywhere we go, someone can kill us, for any reasons. Today, some countries are at the war, because peace isn’t present, they are not peaceful. At school, some students bully the others, and it’s too bad because the victim can be suicidal. Bullying isn’t like peace.


Heirani, Serena, Heimanu, Cheyenne

1) Our drawing is a peace message for the countries at war to stop violence. There are lots of victims killed by terrorists or bombs. The war is scary. It’s unfair that we live in security, happiness, love and harmony in French Polynesia while teenagers in Iraq for example are massacred.

2) We need peace to have a better life and a better world. Peace is essential for a good harmony in our world and happiness for everybody. We need peace because wars destroy our world.

Wars get out of the way and let peace in the place!

Heivaiura, Ranitea, Vahiaunui, Herearii, Raimoana

1/When we created this drawing, we wanted to pass a message for the countries at war. The message is to stop war, the violence, fighting, because violence represents death.

2/At the beginning, it was homework for us. After, we realized that it was important. Peace is important for the functioning of the world because all people should be equal. The word peace means love, happiness, being together.


NG, Britch, Allison, Sharon

French Polynesia

French Polynesia

Above are some of the many drawings produced by the students of Lycee Paul Gaugin School in Tahiti.

1) We thought about peace symbols because everybody understands the symbols, even if other people don’t speak the same language.

2) We think peace is important because we all want a better world. Wars create a lot of wounds, destruction and despair. War shows humanity’s dark side and all the worst they are able to do. The motive to fight is often useless, stupid. We are always scared with war. Everybody needs to feel protected, safe and to be equal. We are afraid to be killed or to lose the people. War is not fair. We need peace to live together without wars.

~ With Peace, we can have a better World and a better life together ~

Eva, David, Here-Ata, Vairuna and Heimoana

A special thank you to all the students involved and to Caroline Vonsy, English teacher, for coordinating the project for French Polynesia.

The French Polynesian flag depicts a canoe (piroque), sailing under a golden sun. Its crew of five represent the five island groups: the Austral, Gambier, Marquesas, Society and Tuamotu chains. Red and white are traditional Polynesian colours.

Burkina Faso, Life Academy

26 Sep
Jessica Gray age 12

Jessica Gray age 12

We very much welcome these designs from the Life Academy School in Burkina Faso.  

Jessica says: I want peace because we can help so many more people if we work together.

Josh Gray age 14

Josh Gray age 14

Josh says: I want World Peace because we need it.

Ben Minotti age 12

Ben Minotti age 12

Bens quote: I want World Peace because that’s how the world was created.

Aron Gustar Yochenan Baarsan age 10

Aron Gustar Yochenan Baarsan age 10

Aron Gustar Yochenan Baarsan says: We all wish for peace because it is good to have.

Hezekiah Black age 11

Hezekiah Black age 11

Hezekiah says: We all wish for peace because that is what Jesus wants.

Katie Gray age 9

Katie Gray age 9

Katie’s quote: We all wish for peace because that’s what God wants.

Ruth Baarsan age 8

Ruth Baarsan age 8

Ruth Baarsan says: We all wish for peace because it doesn’t kill people.

Miriam Black age 9

Miriam Black age 9

Miriam says: We all wish for peace because Africa should be peaceful.

Thank you very much to Lynne Bogle who organised the Schools’ International Peace Quilt competition for Burkina Faso and to all the students that have participated.

As Lynne said at the time, “Never has the statement ‘we all wish for peace…’ seemed more ironic!!”

Landlocked Burkina Faso had unfortunately been put under a military coup last week when we received these designs. Thankfully the situation is now in hand and the coup guard unit (a controversial autonomous military unit) has been disbanded, unfortunately not before some people needlessly lost their lives! The Burkinabes started their own resistance movement and showed that military coups will no longer be tolerated in West Africa. Life is hard enough for the people of Burkina Faso (Burkinabes), it also being  one of the world’s poorest countries. Let’s hope now that their upcoming elections may be held in a peaceful and democratic way. 

The Burkina Faso flag was adopted on August 4, 1984. In August 1984 there was a coup, and the country’s name was changed from Upper Volta to Burkina Faso and the new Burkina Faso flag was adopted. Burkina Faso roughly translates into “The land of honorable men.”

Copyright ©2015 Schools’InternationalPeaceQuilt, All rights reserved.

India, Apeejay School Peace Project

2 Aug artwork by Yash Bindal


“Sow an act, and you reap a habit

Sow a habit and you reap a character

Sow a character and you reap a destiny”

~ George Dana Board Man

Today we are living in a strife-torn world. Ominous war clouds are looming large and lives are lost every day. There appears to be no end to conflicts, and terrorism. Living in peace and perpetual happiness is not only an intrinsic desire, but a fervent collective wish of human kind.

Although, society does play an important role in moulding mindsets of people, the school and home environment are now being looked at, as potential instruments of positive change that can save the future generations from the abyss of evil. Values and attitudes that promote peace can be developed at early stages of life itself, such that it contributes to the overall progress of the Nation.

Revolutions don’t always happen with a big bang. They can equally happen in small steps. At Apeejay, we strongly feel that education should not only equip an individual with skills to earn his bread and butter but also focus on human values and ultimately character formation. We perceive education as the foundation for growth and development. Schools International Peace Quilt is one such initiative which has been enthusiastically adapted to become a part of their growing years of learning.

Our carefully selected cultural activities at school aim to sensitize the students and provide them with “wings and roots”… wings to soar fearlessly while being firmly rooted to ethos and thereby, inculcate the message of peace. The activities are woven into the daily curriculum and are taken up enthusiastically throughout the year. The teachers facilitate the students to promote selfless service and understand dignity of labour.

Agreeing with Joseph Adison’s view “what sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to human soul,” we firmly believe that education is not academics alone but imbibing values. We feel proud to announce that the school in association with the INTERNATIONAL PEACE FORUM organized a Peace Week from 8th-16th April in which the students were exposed to the essence of peace and were encouraged to express their vision of peace. Various activities were organized for the students which aimed to widen their horizon and enlighten them.

In an attempt to propagate the message of peace the students were given the liberty to think and to act. They came up with brilliant ideas, each symbolizing what peace meant to them. Thus, a wide array of activities was organized to “give wings to the divine fire in the students and develop in them the understanding of peace.” Using the medium of art we organized a mélange of activities to unleash the hidden potential of the children and gave them a platform to reflect on issues that bind us all together as a human race.

Here is a sneak peek at the works of the prodigious minds of the students.

India bIndia a

India ProjectIndia


The students of our school enthusiastically stood for the cause of peace and each student defined peace and came up with a multitude of ideas.



India c

“For me Peace is living in a world free of terrorism”

 ~ Arjun Chauhan VI – A

India d




One of the students exclaimed

“Peace lies in the calmness of soul and the attainment of our dreams…”  ~ Shivika Chadha VII C

                                                                                                                                                                                                        The canvas of the critical minds of the students came up with various slogans to celebrate the essence of peace. It was an enriching experience for they were exposed to different dimensions of peace.

India e

True to the school motto, Soaring High is my Nature, many students identified Peace with the freedom of expression and the liberty to think.

India g


  A picture is worth a thousand words…

Keep the light of Peace burning”

~Srishti Bhatia IX A

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Our learners know it well that dreams are not achieved by accident. Thus, they persevere towards their goals with the vision encapsulated in these words:

“…tiny seeds make boundless harvests,                                                                                                                                  drops of rain compose the showers,                                                                                                                                              seconds make the flying minutes,                                                                                                                                               and the minutes make the hours…”

India q

It has been rightly opined that- ” The destiny of a nation is folded within its budding youth.” Anne Frank

India h

India i

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will become peaceful.” 

~Ishika Gupta VII B

India j

For the students of Class XII C

“Peace lies within the soul.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                         It has been rightly opined that, “Pen is Mightier than Sword.” The creativity of the students was not only limited to posters and slogans but also their words. The vitality and the energy of the students was also captured by channelizing their thoughts and having them pen their feelings. The students came up with innovative essays on peace each with its uniqueness thereby unearthing the aura of Peace.

Some of the essays that caught our attention were,

Peace is not the product of terror or fear. Peace is not the silence of cemeteries. Peace is not the silent result of violent repression. Peace is the generous, serene contribution of all to the good of all.

So peace implies as something quiet yet good-from within and for something outside…..”

                                                                        ~ Jasmine Arora VII C


“War seems to tear our very social fabric. Man must realize clichéd as it may sound that in war there are really no winners only losers, it just brings unabated bloodshed destruction and ruin. Today let us all pledge to protest against violence and let peace prevail on earth…”    ~Shreya XII B

The students actively took part in the noble cause and even garnered support from their parents as well. The Peace Week culminated with a special workshop to sensitize and to encourage the young minds to discover and explore the plethora of peace. The students were creatively exposed to the rationales behind peace and made to rediscover and reinvent peace. The enthusiasm of the students and their involvement in the activities was commendable. The creative minds of the students redefined and exemplified peace. The various activities and perceptions of the students developed understanding among them for other’s views and promoted the ideals of tolerance and consideration.

Education is not filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.’ We are constantly engaged in an effort to prepare our learners to be future global citizens. Our progressive, egalitarian viewpoint looks upon education as a holistic learning experience, developing those qualities and attributes of not only the head, but of the heart as well. Our Social Responsibility Club (Interact Club) actively involves its members into a variety of community based projects to bring a ray of hope and happiness into the lives of their underprivileged brethren.

We are closely involved in various activities with NGO’s like GOONJ (An organization that collects clothes and utility items for the poor), SAVERA, GODHULI (Children of daily wagers at Meera bagh), SPARSH (An institute for differently abled children), SASAKAWI (working for the cause of Leprosy) and COFEDERATION FOR THE BLIND where our students regularly visit and organize cultural activities to bring some cheer and optimism in their lives. Celebration of Children’s Day, Diwali and Christmas are occasions of fun and merriment.

India kIndia l

INTERACTION WITH THE CHILDREN AT “SPARSH” (An Institute for Differently Abled)

India m

India n


India p

India Picture



We hope that everyone will ultimately recognize the importance of the greatest weapon the world has ever known, PEACE.

Written by Malini Sridhar

UKRAINE, Pechersk School International – Kyiv

22 May

From the PSI School in Kiev, Ukraine we are delighted to receive these lovely designs. Each student has in turn given their reflection on how they see peace. The students are currently in Grade 7 (12 years old).  The project was part of a textiles Design Technology unit where the students also submitted their designs to created pillows. Thanks to each and everyone for their great work.



 Nika wrote:

We all wish for peace because we all want to live happily, live in an environment where we are not scared for our own life and the life of our family. Nobody wants to be scared of leaving their home as the street that they live on is too dangerous, being afraid when being alone. Bringing peace to countries around the world will unite and bring together people without any violence and is a better place for all. Even though we are all different, in appearance, in the things we believe in, in our culture and more; there is one thing that unites us all and that is our desire for peace.

What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?

When creating my piece, I was really thinking hard about what “Ukraine” as a country means to me and what peace means to me. When creating my drawing, I used the yin yang sign as a way to represent peace. A lot of the time it’s unclear to viewers how a yin yang sign could have any relation with peace around the world. The way I see it is that there are two sides to everything, but there is always a little bad in something good, which means there is also something good in anything bad. I used the outline of Ukraine to show the yin yang and then for the background, I was inspired by Ukrainian Art and just worked on the colour scheme to have a stronger connection with the rest of the drawing. I thought a lot about what peace may mean to other people and how a series of people may comprehend signs and symbols in various different ways. Throughout the process of creating my piece I worked on combining the two ideas of “What Ukraine means to me” and “ What do I think of when thinking of peace” into one drawing.

Why do you think peace is important?

When I think of peace I think of people that might look and be different, but come together and not look at what separates them, but what brings them together. Even though it may seem peaceful from where I live, I know that a few hours away, people are fighting for their lives and fighting for what they believe in. Peace is something that takes many years to build and create but takes only a second to break. To me peace is important as I know that people around the world are losing their lives over something that can be resolved. Something so precious as somebody’s life is being wasted, fighting for something settled without the need of lives being lost.

Ukraine T.S.C. 7L

Tahee wrote:

We all wish for Peace because, we don’t want to lose the ones we love and that are close to us by wars and hatred.

What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?

When I was creating my drawings, I thought of what could truly represent the unity between Ukraine, PSI and peace. It was hard enough to think of a creative design, with the theme of Ukraine and peace. But it got challenging, to consider 3 aspects in our designs. It took me to automatically research about Ukraine and peace, which really was a hot topic due to all the situations in Ukraine for the past year. And it really made me relate to this topic, especially when we went through it, living in Ukraine, so I thought how could I personally relate to this? And that’s when I started getting these different ideas, that I thought showed Ukraine, Peace and PSI.

Why do you think peace is important ?

The reason why I think peace is important, because it creates harmony between people and not only people, also between nature, rather than destruction. Without peace, it’s hard to maintain any kind of relationships which would just turn the world into a bizarre place. Peace is important for big or small relationships, from communities to individuals. Although, peace may not be the only way to maintain those relationships, but I personally think that it’s a way to maintain long relationships. Peace can work as a glue, to glue all different people across the world, into one loving community of the world.



Gyte wrote:

We all wish for peace because then people would be happy, there would be no war, people are nice to each other and everything is good. We are friends with other countries and we help each other. Everyone can be free. People don’t argue with others. People give things to others. If there is peace people can talk to each other, be friends.

What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?

I wanted to create something that represents peace, Ukraine and Psi. I wanted to have some flowers because it is a part of Ukraine. In Ukraine people wear flowers on their heads. I also did the peace sign in a Ukrainian flag. I want to show peace with a peace sign, because it represents it and I think that people will understand my design. I also wrote PSI because it is our school and it is in Ukraine. When I was making my design I thought of how it will look. I didn’t want to make it simple and I didn’t want to make it really easy. I thought of things that represent Ukraine, peace and PSI. I think that my drawing represents these things well.

Why do you think peace is important?

I think that peace is important because then people are free. They can do things they want. There wouldn’t be crime. People would be nice to each other. I think that if there is a good environment, I think that people may feel better in a safer and a good environment. I think that when there is peace you can see the rainbow more, smile more and you feel much better. I think that people are happy when there is peace. I think that when there is peace, your life has more colour.



Yeva wrote:

We all wish for peace because, it is freedom. The freedom that many of us desire. Instead of wars and conflicts everyone will be happy and free. Instead of using and hurting others to get what we want, people would realise that war is not the solution to our problems, it is only a way to make us feel better than others. When we have peace everyone will be equal, unlike today when people constantly try to overpower each other, to become better at everything possible. And that is what makes us worse, the way we act towards each other just to get specific things we desperately want. But Peace is something better, peace is a new opportunity for all of us.

What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?

While creating my design I was thinking of Ukraine and the current situation there. The designs that I used on the sides were Ukrainian traditional designs. Using them I represented Ukraine as the flowers on the bottom, as many Ukrainian traditions are pictured with it. I also have PSI written there because there many religions and countries are all together and everything is very peaceful and everyone is having a lot of fun. So while doing this drawing I thought of how countries and religions interact with each other, and how different could we be with different people according to their country of origin.



Here we have two designs done by Lara Arencibia Pender. Please find Lara’s Peace reflection below.



Lara wrote:

We all wish for peace because it is what allows us to live the way we want to. Peace is not only the opposite of war, it is the elimination of corruption, restrictions and cheating. It is allowing people to be themselves, and exhibit this in whichever way we choose. It is not only the elimination of conflict, it is also the gateway to freedom. Peace means something to everyone, and it is a very subjective topic. Peace might mean one thing to one person, and something else to another. Nevertheless, most people agree that peace is, more or less, the elimination of any and all evil.

What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?

When I was creating my drawing, many things ran through my head. How to represent the country in which I have lived for almost 9 years, how to represent peace, or my idea of peace, in Ukraine, and how to represent my school as well. Probably the most difficult part, however, was deciding how I thought they related, and the different elements that brought these three separate themes together. The way I created my drawings, I had to choose either Peace or Ukraine to be my main subject (as I could not decide which one to highlight in consideration of the context). Then I added the other main theme in a connecting way to the first one, still making sure that it was important. Finally, I added the last element, my school, as an important (albeit less so than the other two) part of my drawing.

Why do you think peace is important?

Peace is definitely very important. How important, is of course up to the person you ask. In my opinion peace is the only calm there ever is, or will be, in human existence. We need to make a little extra effort to keep the peace, of course, but is it not worth the cost? Can it honestly be said that peace is not worth the amount of money and effort we need to maintain it? I don’t believe that. Especially now, with all the great problems surrounding us, I am sure that there are very few, if any, countries that are at peace in political, economic, religious, ethical and moral ways. It is considered nearly impossible. However, as Louis D. Brandeis said, “Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done.” and he is very right, in every way. That is how I stand on peace, why I consider it important, and why I believe everyone who doesn’t, should too.




We all wish for peace because it is a step towards equality, a step towards a world where everyone has their say. We want peace because it makes us more united and protected, it limits the fear inside of us. We all wish for peace because its means are only positive.

What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?

When I was creating my drawings, I thought about peace through the eyes of everybody, to symbolise how we all communicate peace. I also thought of Ukraine, and how Ukrainian traditions and other things that symbolise Ukraine and its peaceful side. I also thought of our school, PSI, where peace is expressed and taught. I tried to incorporate all of this to create a drawing that truly represents me and my community, as well as everything peace provides.

Why do you think peace is important?

Peace is important for many reasons. Peace allows us to speak up for what is right and helps us make decisions together. Peace gives us opportunity, to accomplish things that only mankind can complete together, hand in hand. With peace, all cultures can be understood and can communicate with others. Peace helps spread ideas and trade, helps open up more jobs for everyone. Peace means that when one nation is in peril, all will stand up to help and all will become allies.



Peace Reflection by Dana:

We all wish for peace because it doesn’t matter if this person is man or woman, if a person is young or old, every person deserves to be alive. And if there is no peace in the world then there is a war but wars are really bad because we can lose an important person for us there, which won’t bring any happiness to the world, but when everything is good and peace is in the world people can be more happier, they’ll smile more and bring happiness and calm to the world. In Ukraine we all wish for peace because here is the war between Ukraine and Russia and because of one evil person a lot of people died and a lot of Ukrainians lost their homes, that’s the reason why people in Ukraine understand how it is to leave in fear, we understand how sad it is to live while the war, also while the war a lot of people from one side hate one person but a lot of people from other side love that person and follow him this leads straight to the conflict between two sides and people who were friend can argue and that’s what happens when person break the peace, that’s why all Ukrainians wish for peace they want to leave in calm, happiness and peace

What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?

When I was creating my drawing I thought of how good would we leave in Ukraine in peace. Also I thought how to compare this 2 things, to show the person or drawing that would really good represent what you feel in the peace after a long waiting and I think you feel free and happy. To show this I drew a girl who is smiling and showing peace which meant that she is happy because of peace and also she wore a t-shirt from PSI because it’s the place where we belong.

Why do you think peace is important?

I think that peace is really important because without peace people have less chance to get what they want, to be free, to be happy, to have family. I think these are the main reasons to live and without them your life is meaningless…



Maia wrote:

We all wish for peace because we want people to be happy. We want people to be able to live in the lifestyle they want, and we don’t want people to get hurt. I think that peace is very important to the safety of people, as well as our ideals. We wish for peace to protect ourselves, our family and friends, and our cultures. We want to eliminate conflict and corruption, and by doing that, we get peace. Also, if there is peace, freedom comes as well.

What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?

There were a lot of things going through my mind while I was creating my drawing. I was thinking about the different symbols of peace, and how I could incorporate it with a symbol of Ukraine, that was a different way than usual. I wanted to show how children can help bring peace to the world, by including the school logo, or school name in my drawing. In every drawing, I wanted to include the colours yellow and blue because those are the colours of Ukraine. I also wanted to have the picture blend together, so that there is nothing random at a certain part, like a logo or something.

Why do you think peace is important?

I think peace is important because it helps us all live a better life. Peace is important so that people live good lives, better lives than in war. It is important to have peace because it will help people not conflict over things like religion or nationality or race. Also, peace is important for the survival of our environment. Some things that we do when we are in states of conflict, damage the environment very much. Peace is important because we want this world to continue to be a good one when we grow up, as well as for our children.



Andrew wrote:

We all wish for peace because peace connects us. If we have peace then we will be able to do anything, anywhere. It is a way for us to make friends, try out new things and do it all with a smile. I believe that we all wish for peace, because it is a way for us to achieve our lifelong goals and dreams.

What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?

When I was doing my drawings, I was thinking about Ukraine and how it really needs Peace right now. It is about time that Ukraine had its share of peace. I also thought about how Ukraine is a very peaceful and beautiful place and I think that with peace, Ukraine could be even more beautiful.

Why do you think peace is important?

I think peace is very important because then EVERYONE has something in common. It is a way for us all to share our stories and make friends. I think that peace is important because without Peace, nothing would be as fun. I think that Peace is also important because peace is a way for us to learn more. If we learn more, we will be able to DO more and that could change the world. Peace could be the salvation to innovation.

Peace gives us no boundaries on our creativity. It will help us make new things and expand our knowledge. As I see it, Peace will bring us new Ideas, New Inventions and could Change the way the world works, In a good way. As I see it, Peace will improve our world and make anything possible.



Two more designs drawn by Nika in Grade 7.



We have also received further peace reflections from Eric and Yaroslav

Eric wrote:

We all wish for peace because it makes our lives more happy and easier. An example of this is people in warring countries who have to worry about their lives everyday. This means that they can’t get the basic things they need, an education, food and a normal life. But, they cannot get this without peace. Overall, it brings happy faces to everyone and we end up with a better clean environment.

What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?

I was thinking about, how to include all three designs into one picture. For example, the way I included all three was I wrote the word PSI, inside the hole of the word peace I drew the symbol of peace. The way I included Ukraine in this piece is I coloured the letters of the word PSI in Ukrainian colours. I was also thinking I should create something easy that I can create. But I also wanted to create something that would be pretty hard to make so that I could have a challenge.

Yaroslav wrote:

What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?

I was thinking about the students of PSI, who do their best to bring a positive and important impact to global peace, by collaborating and respecting so many different nations. I was trying to combine PSI, Ukraine and global peace in my drawings. For example, I drew the letters with the yellow and blue colours, and I drew the finger peace sign. All these elements combined on a single picture helped me represent my idea.

Why do you think peace is important ?

If each and every person on the planet lived in peace, the world would have become a much better place – there would be less poor people and death from terrorism, starvation and disease would decrease. Besides the economy of some countries would become better, so everyone would have a job, house and food to eat. People would address their ideas into the innovations and development, instead of the war and fights. All human beings should unite around the idea of making peace. It’s not a single person that can do it, just all together the humanity can reach it.

Special thank you to all students and to Irina Lapshina the design teacher and the assistant Dima Verbenskiy who did the good work in organizing students and delivering the material for the submissions. Also thank you to Jacob Ortwein HOD Design Department in PSI Ukraine for getting the designs to us. A very big well done for all the thought provoking reflections on Peace by these amazing students.

Ukraine Flag Description

The blue half represents peace, the sky above Ukraine and the country’s streams and the yellow represents prosperity and the colour of the country’s wheat fields.

The Ukrainian flag was adopted on January 28, 1992. The blue and yellow national colors of Ukraine originated in 1848 and came from the coat of arms of the city of Lviv. Ukraine officially adopted a blue and yellow national flag in 1918. The flag was the same as the one flown in 1848, yellow on top of blue. In 1918, the colors were reversed. Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union on August 24, 1991

RUSSIA, Moscow School

21 May
Tryashina Polina

Tryashina Polina

From Moscow, Russia we have received four designs from students aged ten giving their wish for Peace. This first one has been drawn by Tryashina Polina.

We all wish for peace because if we are all together we will be happy

Sonya Smirnova

Sonya Smirnova

This second design has been done by Sonya Smirnova

We all wish for peace because it’s a key to a happy world

Russia 20141230_094118

We all wish for peace because we want good moments of life.

We all want this! We all wish Peace.

Dennis Kiruchin

Dennis Kiruchin

We all wish for peace because we don’t want to see people killed

Special thanks to Inna Kotova the project coordinator, to all staff and students in this Russian school for participating in the 2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt Project.

Flag Meaning

The Russian flag was re-adopted in 1991 after being adopted in 1883 up to the Russian Revolution in 1917 when it was replaced. The design of the Russian flag is based on the flag of the Netherlands. The Russian flag has also inspired the flags of many Slavic nations of Europe, and the colours are often referred to as the pan-Slavic colours. There is no official meaning of the Russian flag but some Russians believe the following: In Russia the white symbolizes generosity and frankness; blue stands for loyalty, honesty and wisdom; red means courage, magnanimity and love. Many people also believe red represents Russian people, blue represents the Ukrainians, and white represents the Belo Russians.

TURKMENISTAN, Ashgabat International School

21 Apr
Aliff Amar

Aliff Amar

Thank you so much to all the young children from The Ashgabat International School in Turkmenistan for these lovely designs.

This first design has been created by Aliff Amar in Grade 6

Nisa Zainal

Nisa Zainal

This second design has been done by Nisa Zainal from Grade 5

Spread Peace  by the Children of Turkmenistan

Spread Peace
by the Children of Turkmenistan

Here we have every students design joined together in this wonderful piece. Their wishes are truly heartfelt.

Following are a selection of quotes from Turkmenistan:

We all wish for Peace because Peace increases the value of Love by Alisya age 12.

We want Peace because we want our relations to stay with us.

We all wish for peace because it is what the World needs right now. We need Peace from you.

Peace is always beautiful.

We all wish for peace because WE ARE HUMANS.

Peace, it does not mean to be in a place where there is noise, trouble, or hardwork. It means to be in the midst of those things and STILL BE CALM IN YOUR HEART. 

We all wish for peace because kids cry for it.

We all wish for peace because war doesn’t help anything.

I wish for peace to keep my family safe.

I wish for peace because peace silences war and brings the key of life.

Let all wish for Peace because with it the world stays strong.

We all wish for peace because the world could really use some.

I wish for Peace because Peace brings change for the better.

I want Peace so we are happy!

Peace is important in our World. If no peace, no world by Shaun

Love peace forever so it never ends by Dasha

We all wish for Peace!  by Lisa

A huge thank you to everyone in this school for their wonderful wishes, especially to Melissa Stalker for coordinating the project for the school and to all the staff involved. We are also very grateful to receive these strong and thoughtful messages for Peace from all these wonderful children. Thank you.

Turkmenistan Flag Description

The flag of Turkmenistan consists of a green base with a vertical stripe on the left side that features five carpet designs above two olive branches. There is a white crescent moon and five white, five-point stars to the top right of the stripe.

The art of Carpet weaving in Turkmenistan has been present for over a thousand years. Its importance is represented in the flag which incorporates five of the country’s basic patterns (called ‘guls’ locally). In the mid-1990s Turkmenistan declared a policy of permanent neutrality and a pair of olive branches, like those on the United Nations flag, was added to the Turkmenistan flag to represent this. The green base represents Islam and the crescent symbolizes a bright future and hope. The five stars symbolize the five regions or Turkmenistan as well as the five human senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. The five carpet designs represent the traditions of the country and are a national symbol.

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