IRELAND, Scoil Mhuire na nAird

Thank you to Diarmuid Lambert aged eight for this great drawing to represent the children of Scoil Mhuire na nAird, Skil Ealaigh, Ireland on the Schools’ International Peace Quilt. Diarmuid has incorporated the word peace within the Olympic rings on his design.

Diarmuid’s message of peace:

We all wish for Peace because there is never a good war or a bad Peace.

Thank you very much to all involved.

Interesting Irish Flag Facts:
There is a cocktail called the “Irish flag” which consists of 2 cc Mint spirit, 2 cc Irish cream and 2 cc Grand Marnier. The ingredients have to be poured in the above order and very gently down a long spoon so that the coloured liquids won’t mix together. The drink, when made, resembles the green, white and orange of the Irish flag:)

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JORDAN, The School Of Life


Thank you to the students of the School of Life in Jordan for this wonderful drawing.

The young people from Jordan say:  

We all wish for Peace because with it our lives would be filled with goodness, harmony and unity.

Thanks to Ms Mila, Ms Janet Seaman, Ms Siobhan McKenna, all staff and students who contributed to the successful outcome of the project for Jordan.

Interesting Jordan Flag Facts:
Before 1916, Jordan was a part of the Ottoman Empire and the country’s flag was similar to the flag of Turkey.

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INDONESIA, The Yogyakarta International School

Here we have 2 drawings received from The Yogykarta International School, Indonesia. Thank you to both students,Nimue Lauritzen age 10 for the first,and to Yutaka Kuroda,age 14 for the second.

“We all wish for Peace because We are born on the same Earth”.

Also Thank you to Chris Scott The Principal of this school for organising the project here.

Indonesian Flag Meaning:
The flags on the Indonesian flag represent the following: the red stripe symbolizes blood and represents the human body; the white stripe represents the soul and the spirit; and when put together the red and white represent a complete human being.

Interesting Indonesian Flag Facts:
The Indonesian national flag is called “Sang Saka Merah Putih” (exalted bi-color)

ITALY, MaryMount School, Rome


This is the drawing received from The MaryMount School in Rome,Italy. The students in this school under the guidance of Sally Cameron studied people of peace and symbols of peace. This student, Olivia Forcina felt that what we all have in common is that we are  searching for Peace. 

Looking for Peace


 The description of the Italian Flag:

Three equal vertical bands of green (hoist side), white, and red. According to Ancient and Heraldic traditions much symbolism is associated with colors. The colors on the Italian flag represent the following:

  • White – peace and honesty
  • Red – hardiness, bravery, strength & valour
  • Green – hope, joy and love and in many cultures have a sacred significance

PARAGUAY, St. Anne`s School

This drawing to represent students from St. Anne`s School, Paraguay was created by Lisa Marie Nakagoe. Thank you so much to all involved and to Mirko Zayas the schools coordinator. Paraguay was country number 100 to accept the invite to participate in this project.

Follow your dreams,always have hope,and put effort in everything you do.Peace in the World.

Interesting Paraguay Flag Facts:
Paraguay’s flag is the only national flag in the world to have different emblems on the obverse (front) and reverse (back). The front of the Paraguay flag has the country’s state coat of arms on it, and the back has the country’s Treasury Seal.

MALAYSIA, Mont´Kiara International School


This is the  fantastic colourful art design to represent Students from The Mont’Kiara International School  Malaysia. The students had fun putting their ideas into art work.

Thank you to Hannah for this lovely piece.

Peace is learning to live together

Also thank you to Cindie Blessing, Elementary art teacher of the school for bringing the project together for Malaysia.

“Our students created some stunning work- I had the faculty vote for their favorite” Cindie Blessing.


Interesting Malaysian Flag Facts:
On August 31, 1997, Prime Minister Tun Mahathir bin Mohammad named the Malaysian flag Jalur Gemilang, which means “Glorious Stripes”.

TOGO, British School of Lome

Here we have the drawing to represent young people from Togo,which gives a straight forward message.

Peace for Everyone

Thank you to the students from The British School of Lome and to Stephanie  Brownbridge for  coordinating the project for Togo.

Togo’s flag features the pan-African colors of red, yellow and green, which have been adopted by many African ex-colonies and which symbolize African independence and unity. The colors are believed to have originated from the flag of Ethiopia, the oldest independent nation in Africa.

LEBANON, International College of Beirut



Peace, Peace, Peace






We all wish Peace because it brings happiness to the people and avoids confrontations and wars



We need Peace for Happiness

Peace = smile of a child.





We wish for Peace because we need a happy Life 

These are some of the drawings received from students in The International College of Beirut, The Lebanon. Thanks to Yasmina Khazen,Maha El Solh,Lea Safa, and Rina Kammoun for creating these drawings for The Lebanon. Thanks also to Samia Boulad for coordinating the project in this school.


The cedar tree represents peace, immortality and tolerance.

AUSTRALIA, Christmas Island District High School

We welcome the drawing received from The Christmas Island District High School to represent Australia on the Schools’ International Peace Quilt. Thank you to all students involved, and additional thanks to their Art teacher, Robyn Stephenson for coordinating the project.

The students message: “We all wish for Peace because with Peace we can enjoy the World.”

Christmas Island is a territory of Australia situated 500 km from Jakarta, Indonesia and 2600 km from Perth, Australia. The island was discovered on Christmas Day 1643, but only settled in the late 19th century.  It has a population of 2,072 residents, who live mainly in settlements on the northern tip of the island, including Flying Fish Cove (also known as Kampong), Silver City, Poon Saan,  and Drumsite. Around two-thirds of the island’s population are Malaysian Chinese, with significant numbers of Malays and European Australians as well as smaller numbers of Malaysian Indians and Eurasians. Several languages are in use, including English, Malay, and various Chinese dialects, while Buddhism is the primary religion, followed by three-quarters of the population.

Australian Flag Meaning:
The Union Jack depicts the first colonisation of Australia by Europe was by the British, as Australia was a British penal colony. The seven pointed Star of Federation represents each of Australia’s six states, one additional point represents Australia’s territories. The Southern Cross is a constellation of stars that can be seen from all of Australia’s states and territories.

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