2016 SIPQ, ‘First designs’ INDIA, Apeejay School

artwork by Vidhi Jain

We very much welcome the first designs for the new 2016 Schools International Peace Quilt. These have been received from the Apeejay School, Pitambura, India.

The first design has been created by Vidhi Jain and the second by Yash Bindal.

Vidhi Jain ( IX – D ).

We all wish for peace because peace brings prosperity. A peaceful mind is a healthy mind. If there is peace in the nation then the country can prosper . It can think over the plans and the development of the country. If there is not peace then our mind and energy will be wasted. By having the peace we could be friendly to others and think of our development. Peace is a journey a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time. If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. 


artwork by Yash Bindal

Yash Bindal ( Class VI – C ).

We all wish for peace because it represents a world where we can go anywhere at anytime without being scared of anyone. We could walk on the streets without this fear of being attacked by a total stranger. A world where we could talk to each other without using violence, or we can say a world without violence. A world where corruption does not exist, where we could all walk hand in hand with no worries. Countries, who spend billions of dollars for the defense, this amount can be used for development of people, education and health. No one can go hungry as there will be adequate money and food to feed them. The terrorists and criminals will vanish as their will be no place for them. Though in present circumstances, many times peace is getting disturbed due to many factors like war, aggression, terrorism etc, but we all can work together to make our dream of peace come true.  

Thank you to Malini Sridhar, coordinator for this school, to Yash, Vidhi and all students involved for these wonderful designs.

Indian Flag Meaning:
At the time of its initial introduction, in 1931, the Indian flag’s colors represented the two main ethnic groups of India – the saffron stripe represented the Hindu people; and the green stripe represented the Muslim people. The white stripe white represented the peace desired between them and the truth. An updated meaning has interpreted the saffron symbol as representing courage and sacrifice; the white representing purity and truth; and the green standing for faith, fertility and chivalry. The Wheel of Law’s 24 spokes are said to represent each hour of the day, as well as the endless circle of life.

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This is the selection of drawings received from students in CO Sarine-Ouest School in Switzerland representing Peace in this Country. Well done to all students involved.

We all wish for Peace because we all have a Heart 

Well done to Camille Pierret for these two drawings for Switzerland.



















Thank you very much to Eve Jones, a teacher in this school for coordinating the project for CO Sarine-Ouest and Switzerland. We reached Eve through the Students of the World website.

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