MYANMAR, International School Yangon

Here we have the drawing to represent International School Yangon, Myanmar for  the International Peace Quilt Project. Well done to everyone involved and especially to Priya Leedman for this drawing.

We all wish for peace because the World has too much fighting and war. The World needs Peace or no one will have fun in the time we have to live.

Thanks to Dr.Jim Gerhard Secondary School Principal for coordinating the project for the Golden Land.


Myanmar Flag Meaning:
The Blue represents peace and endurance. The red symbolizes courage and gallantry, and the white stands for purity and honor. Together, the cogwheel and ears of rice represent the country’s industry and agriculture, as well as the union of the workers and the peasant class. The 14 stars above the 14 cogs represent the 14 states that form the Union of Myanmar.The country of Myanmar has changed its name twice since the adoption of the current flag, but never changed its flag.


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