TANZANIA, Hope International School

Tanzania 2

We welcome the drawing to represent the young people of Tanzania in the 2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt project.

This design is the winner from the schools contest and was created by Rylee Helbling, 7th Grader at Hope International School.

Rylee says: We all wish for peace because peace brings unity.

Well done to Rylee who also answered the additional questions:

1) What was on your mind when you were creating your drawing?

I wanted to show the beauty of Tanzania with the mountain and the bright colors.  I also wanted to say something in Swahili so I chose ‘amani,’ which means peace.

2) Why do you think peace is important?

Children in the past have grown up in peace so it’s our right to be able to grow up in peace.

A huge thank you to Amanda Batterson, Curriculum and Logistics coordinator for running the contest and for sending us the schools winning piece. Also special thanks to all staff and students involved.

Tanzanian Flag Meaning:
The green stripe symbolizes agriculture and the fertility of the land. The black represents the citizens of Tanzania. The blue stripe stands for the Indian Ocean which is on Tanzania’s eastern coastline, and the yellow stripe represents the country’s mineral wealth.



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