SWITZERLAND, International School of Berne

Here we have an amazing piece of work from Alexandro Forzato from the International School of Berne in Switzerland.  Alex is also involved with The PeaceOneDay club at her school. Thank you Alex for this wonderful design.

We all wish for Peace because …….we want a brighter future.

Well done to everyone involved from this school in Switzerland.


Interesting Swiss Flag Facts:
The flag of Switzerland is square shaped with its length being equal to the width.

In 1906, the humanitarian organization called the Red Cross reversed the colors of the Swiss flag to create the Red Cross flag. This was to honor the nationality of the founder of the Red Cross, Swiss citizen Henri Dunant.


This is the selection of drawings received from students in CO Sarine-Ouest School in Switzerland representing Peace in this Country. Well done to all students involved.

We all wish for Peace because we all have a Heart 

Well done to Camille Pierret for these two drawings for Switzerland.



















Thank you very much to Eve Jones, a teacher in this school for coordinating the project for CO Sarine-Ouest and Switzerland. We reached Eve through the Students of the World website.

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