Schools’ International Peace Quilt

2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt

Our Schools’ International Peace Quilt works as a collective response to the principle behind both the traditional and modern Olympic ideals of building a peaceful and better world.

The focus of the Quilt is to invite children from all over the world to make a wish for peace.

We want the children`s wishes to speak out to the world and remind us of the simple wishes of a child in our complex and damaged world as we meet together in the shared experience of the Olympic Games, with its inherent values of building peace.

We wanted to encourage children from every country in the world to connect in one purpose.

We hoped that with this activity young people would be given the opportunity to reflect on their feelings about peace and how it can be achieved; be able to understand and empathise with those in situations of conflict creating greater cohesion and then promote PEACE within their local communities and further afield including competitors, World Leaders, and Governments.

The idea of a Quilt, which begins as an individual activity and then becomes a representation of a collective voice, felt a powerful and practical way to achieve our aims. Its story is told in and through the universal language of visual art making its meaning accessible to ALL.

Quilting is traditionally a way of creating an artefact which brings together a community. Each square is unique to its maker and tells an individual story in visual image, colour, form, texture, stitch and pattern.

This is then brought together with other individual stories to tell a collective story which reflect a community at a particular time for a particular purpose.

The Schools’ International Peace Quilt promotes peacemaking by raising awareness of the issues for different countries expressed in their wishes.

The ripples of the Olympic Quilts will have a lasting impact because most of the participating countries have chosen to create their own peace quilt as a wish for peace.

This will leave a legacy which can be spoken about to the post 2012 Olympic generation and exists as a reminder of the Olympic Ideal to promote a more peaceful and better world.

Lucy Tasker

Project Co- Creator

Abraham Moss Community School U.K.

Inspired by London 2012

Annual General Meeting of the Schools’ International Peace Quilt

The Schools’ International Peace Quilt Project’s AGM is to be held in Belmont House, Rectory Lane, Guisborough UK  on Monday April 20th 2015 at 10:30 am.  If anyone would like to know more about this ongoing project, please don’t hesitate to attend as your presence will be warmly welcomed. 

1) Welcome and Introductions
2) Approve Minutes of previous AGM
3) Chair’s Report
4) Treasurer’s Report
5) Election of Committee
6) Any other relevant business and/or
Any Questions
7) Time and date of next meeting

Saint George School, Dominican Republic “Displays the Quilt”

Dominican RepublicWe are delighted that the Schools’ International Peace Quilt has eventually made it to the Saint George  School in the Dominican Republic. Though its itinerary here has been very much curtailed due to customs problems in other countries, we are still glad that the students here have been able to view the quilt and children’s art work. This is very much down to the persistence of Valinda Valdez, Director of International Projects/School Development for whom we are very thankful especially as it was her vision in the first place for the quilt to visit The Caribbean.

Saint George School Quilt  visit

It is good to hear that this school and the St. Patrick school in Santo Domingo are interested to take part in the 2016 quilt project. Their participation is very welcome, as is every other school around the world.

Saint George School

Special thanks also to Mr. Benavides, Art Dept Head for sending on the wonderful pictures and for coordinating the quilt display.

“As you may know, we are exposing the Peace Quilt in Saint George School, Dominican Republic in our multi purpose room during this week, our “Semana por la vida” week. Here are some pictures of our middle school kids visiting the quilt. Its an honor to work with you on this special peace movement. Can’t wait to start the new one.” Mr. Benavides

Domincan Republic  064Congratulations again to Mary Liang who created this wonderful design which represents the young people of the Dominican Republic on the Schools’ International Peace Quilt.

We all wish for peace because it is a state of mind in which we can all accept each other as EQUAL.

Argentina, Comercial N° 11 “Dr. José Peralta” School “Displays the quilt”

Carla y su dibujo-web

Carla Palermo is stood with the chosen design she created to represent Argentinians in the Schools’ International Peace Quilt for 2012. 

Thank you so much  to Mónica Suarez and Paula Burd for going to great lengths to have the quilt displayed in Comercial Nº 11 “Dr. José Peralta” School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a long story but one which thankfully has a happy ending.

Argentina,a group with two professeurs looking at the quilt and talking about peace (1)While the quilt was in the school all the foreign language classes went with their professors to see the quilt and talk about peace.

“I wanted to send a big big thank you because we are very very happy with the exhibition of the quilt. More than that!  Many students and professors are very touched by the vision of this peace of art. Our school is a public middle school. It has 700 students more or less that come from different parts of the city and the suburbs. Many of them come from poor neighbourhoods with violence problems. You can imagine the important thing that the quilt is for them. They can’t believe that the design of our school is in the quilt and represents Argentina!  Another important thing I wanted to tell you is that Carla when she saw the quilt  she couldn’t believe her eyes. She didn’t say nothing but she smiled and gave me a big hug.

It was a very very beautiful experience to the school despite the difficulties.  It’s a way to  inspire students and teachers to see that among others we can do wonderful things!  Everybody was very touched by the art of the children and they were surprised by the beauty of the quilt. 

The quilt is golden like peace………..”

Paula Burd 

The quilt &Carla Palermo-webCarla with the full quilt in view.

Some quotes which two students from the school have wrote.

“We want peace because it gathers all together beyond origin or colour”

“We want peace because it is the way to achieve a balance in our society.”

A huge thank you to everyone in this school, the Principal Mónica Suarez , Paula, all the staff, parents and students. It is so heart warming for the Schools’ International Peace Quilt team to hear Paula’s words and to see the impact of the childrens’ art work from half way around the world. We have been moved and encouraged to see the difference the project can make to the hearts of all. 

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