PERU,La Union School

2016 Peru DRAWING

From the La Union School in Lima, Peru we have received this symbolic design which has been drawn by a 15 year old female student.

We all wish for peace because we want a world without wars and better education globally.

This student went on the answer the following questions.

  1. What was on your mind when you were creating your drawing?

I was thinking that we have to work together to make peace possible around the world. In my drawing I drew people holding the world, to show how important it is to be united.

2. Why do you think peace is important?

I think peace is important because everybody is living in a state of panic due to the terrorist attacks around the world. Many people are fighting each other and when people fight, they die and there is a lot of sadness. Peace gives us happiness and we become better people in many aspects.

A big thank you to Maria Esther Linares, Head of English for coordination of the project in Peru and to all other staff and students involved.

Peruvian Flag Meaning:
The red stripes represent the blood spilt for Peruvian freedom; while the white stands for peace

PERU, Trener School

Well done to everyone from Trener School in Lima Peru for this selection of drawings.

Well done to Andrea Lu 6th Grade for this colourful piece.

We can make a change





Thank you to Hanna Lau 6th Grade for this one.

We can change the World with you.



Roxana Velez and Camila Checa 6th grade say

Love and Peace  We all fit together




This one has been created by Matias Cabello from 6th grade also

World Peace Stop racism




Thanks to Micaela Silva 6th grade for this one.

Peace begins with a smile.





Well done to Alessia from 5th Grade for this drawing of Peace.





Thank you so much to Massiel Arregui and Ana María León for coordinating this project for young people from Peru and all staff and students involved. We are delighted to have you join in this project.

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