The Children’s Book of Peace – World Book Day 2015

Marilyn Sylvester with The Children's Book of Peace
Marilyn Sylvester names her favourite book for World Book Day 2015

The Children’s Book of Peace

With conflict, terror and political unrest dominating the headlines day after day, my favourite book has to be: The Children’s Book of Peace. This publication evolved after the creation of the ‘first ever’ Schools’ International Peace Quilt that was founded in my home town of Guisborough. Hot off the press and documented within its pages, are school children’s colourful illustrations (all 211 of them from 203 countries) expressing how they feel peace can be achieved. Each drawing is displayed alongside the name of the creator(s) as well as their stories. Included, is further information about flags, populations, currencies, religions and much more besides. With guidance from their teachers, not only does The Children’s Book of Peace symbolically commemorate World Book Day through its rich celebration of cultural diversity; additionally, this book’s ongoing legacy is still being told through the universal language of visual art to celebrate Rio 2016!

The Children’s Book of Peace will be published on demand in the next few weeks and costs £27 each plus the cost of shipping. For further information, please email:

Please visit the Redcar and Cleveland Adult Learning Facebook page

SLOVENIA, Osnovna sola Col Primary

Well done to all the Primary students aged between 7 and 11 for these drawings  from Osnovna sola Col in the West side of Slovenia.

We all wish for Peace because we don’t like war.

We all wish for Peace because the Olympic games will make Peace.

Thank you to the Embassy in Slovenia for passing on the information about International Peace Quilt to this school.

” A group of fifteen children, age betwen 7 to 11 years, have made small posters with a dove of peace, which is flying from the dark to the light.We hope you should like our small part of your great piece of quilt.” Silva Karim Art Teacher.


Thank you so much to all the children from this school who have put so much time into this project and to Silva Karim for coordinating the project for this school.

HONDURAS, Happy Days School and Freedom High School

Thank you to everyone from The Happy Days School Freedom High School for holding a competition to choose this wonderful  drawing to represent them on The International Peace Quilt.

” We all wish for Peace because wars are the boundaries that keep us from enjoying life.”

Thanks also go to Luis Chavez , Licda. Marta Nohemi Borjas Gavarrete and everyone in this school.

The schools core values are Honor, Ethics, Liberty and Discipline which the school is totally committed to.

Honduran Flag Meaning:
The blue stripes represent the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The five stars represent the five nations of the United States of Central America (Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Guatemala) and the hope that the nations may form a union again.

GUATEMALA, Colegio Valle Verde

This is the chosen drawing to represent young people from Colegio Valle Verde and Guatemala on the International Peace Quilt. Thank you so much to everyone involved for really taking the project on. This school held a competition and choose this from many creative designs.

We all wish for Peace because it will unite us. 

” Without Claudia Abalde,our Art Department coordinator who organized Art teachers and students, this project would not have been possible. We are all very happy with the results! I thank God for this opportunity to work with you and for this inspiring project.”  Many Blessings  Paola De la Rosa.

Thank you all for this amazing  work.

 We all wish for Peace because we all need freedom.

We shouldn’t let our differences divide us ……we should use them to unite us !




We all wish for Peace because its meaning is the key for life.

We all wish for peace because we are the World

We all wish for peace because we will all be united and will work together with love and no discrimination

Guatemalan Flag Meaning:

In the Guatemalan flag’s coat of arms, the crossed rifles indicate Guatemala’s willingness to defend itself by war if need be; while the olive branches symbolize the preferred peace. The sky blue stripes represent the fact that Guatemala is located between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and the white stripe stands for the purity of the country’s values and peace.

IRAQ, Qashla School

Thank you to Noor from Qashla School in Iraq for this drawing.

” We all wish for Peace because Peace is no war . “

This drawing has been done by Mariam , thank you.

“We all wish for Peace because of the happy life which comes after…….” 

Thank you very much to Dhoha for this drawing for Iraq.

” We all wish for Peace because Peace is no discrimination. ” 

One of these drawings will be chosen to represent young people from Iraq in the International Peace Quilt Project. Special thanks also to Benoite and Team from Insan Iraqi Society for their help in coordinating this project for the Iraqi young people. Your help is very much appreciated.


ANTIGUA & BARBUDA, St. Anthony’s Secondary School

Thank you to the young people from St. Anthony`s Secondary School in Antigua & Barbuda for this  design chosen to represent them on The International Peace Quilt and to Principal Joann Boulos-Callias for the schools participation.

” Peace to us transcends nationalities,race,creeds,and religions and encompasses living in  a harmonious World without hostility.”

” It is a collage of symbols relating to the Antigua as well as to highlight SASS. The meaning of peace came from the fact that regardless of the differences in culture among our students and staff, there can still be peace.”

H. Nathan     art teacher

One of the schools mottos………

From a Dream , to a Vision, to Reality….Anything is possible when you put your mind to it !

I think this is in reference to the amazing story of how this school came about        Very Inspiring to say the least.

GHANA, Scots International School

We welcome another Country from Africa to join the International Peace Quilt Project. A big thank you to the young people from Scots International School in Ghana for this drawing.

                   ” The World without Peace is like a broken Heart.”

It was great to have the chance of a skype call with Tanko the Youth Leader who coordinated the project for Ghana, with some of the students and the Head. Though the connection wasn`t great it was good to speak. Also thank you very much to Alison Gunusen for helping us with a contact for this Country.

Flag of Ghana

The Meaning of the Flag
I decided on the three colors of red, gold & green because of the geography of Ghana. Ghana lies in the tropics and blessed with rich vegetation. The color Gold was influenced by the mineral rich nature of our lands and Red commemorates those who died or worked for the country’s independence. Then the five pointed lone star which is the symbol of African emancipation and unity in the struggle against colonialism.
— Designer: Mrs. Theodosia Salome Okoh

MICRONESIA, Xavier High School

We welcome the drawing which will represent young people from Micronesia on the International Peace Quilt.

” We wish for Peace because it brings the World together.”

Thank you to Mr Martin Carl,Principal ,Jeff Pouzar Art Teacher and everyone involved for their participation.

The motto of the school is “Ut Omnes Unum Sint” meaning “That All May Be One”.

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