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Jenan and Marwa Afaneh
Jenan and Marwa Afaneh

Representing Palestine and the Friends Boys School in the 2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt, we have this wonderful design created by Jenan and Marwa Afaneh aged 14 and 15. Though the name of this school is Friends Boys School, it is actually a mixed school and Jenan and Marwa are both girls.

The girls quote: We all wish for peace because we want to live.

1) What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?

When we created this drawing we thought of the famous landmarks of some countries while drawing, since we wanted to unite the different countries together through our picture. We incorporated the drawing of the white pigeon in our whole drawing because the pigeon stands as a symbol for peace.

2) Why do you think peace is important?

Peace is important because it affects life in so many ways. Peace means order, discipline, prosperity and benefits; we all feel safe when our life is peaceful.

We are delighted to receive further designs from the Friends Boys School.

Musa Musa
Musa Musa

Musa Musa (15 years old)

1) The first thing that was on my mind while I was creating my drawing is Unity and love.

2) I think that peace is important because without it there is no unity and love.

Musa says: We all want Peace because Peace Brings Light.

Nadine Nadour
Nadine Bahour

Nadine Bahour (15 years old)

1) Many people do deserve peace regardless of the reason they deserve it. All humans deserve peace because each person has gone through so much in his life.

2) Peace may never be completely achieved in this world simply because we are incomplete but reaching any stage of it is essential to ensure a safer and better life. In a way, people can create great memories rather than horrific ones, people can also live together without boundaries.

Nadine says: We want peace because we are all Human!

 Nizar Abu
Nizar Abu Shararah

Nizar Abu Shararah (14 years old)

1) I was thinking that I wanted to display my idea about peace in a neat way since my perspective of world peace is really important to me and my country.

2) People are all the same, without peace, justice and equality cannot be established between us on earth.

Nizar says:  We all wish for peace because we are all the same …

Rand Abu Al Homos
Rand Abu Al Homos

Rand Abu Al Homos (12 years old)

1) In my drawing, I dream of tomorrow, of a beautiful future for us Palestinians.

 2) Peace is important because it means living happily and freely. Children deserve sweet dreams, a safe home and a happy family.

Rand says: We all wish for peace because we want to live our dreams.

Palestinian designs
Palestinian designs

Thank you very much to everyone in this school for their amazing contributions and to art teacher Galina Barghouti  for organizing the competition within the school.

Some of the staff and students involved
Some of the staff and students involved
“I would like to thank you for inviting our school to participate in this project. One of the missions of our school is to raise internationally minded people who can create a better and more peaceful world, therefore, working with this project helped us join our hands together in making peace more of a reality rather than a dream. The students were very exited to share their thoughts about peace.” Galina 
Last year this school also organised a marathon in honor of the Olympic games.


Meaning of the Palestinian flag

flag.gif (831 bytes)

Originally, the Palestinian flag was a representation of the Arab revolt against the Ottoman rule in the beginning of the 20th century. Each of the 4 colors represents a certain Arab dynasty. The red represents the Hashemite’s dynasty, which was related to the prophet’s grandfather. The Green stands for the Fatimids, who are descendants of the prophet’s daughter Fatima. The white stands for the Umayyads, who were the successors of the prophet’s son in law, Ali. Finally, the black stands for the Abbasids, who claim to be the descendants of Abbas, the prophet’s uncle. Aside from the political meaning, the flag carries several symbolic meanings: Green stands for the Palestinian lands, white for peace and serenity, red stands for the sacrifices made for this land and black stands for the sadness and mourning of those who died protecting their land.It’s also said that the triangle represents a mountain and is a symbol of the connection between earth and heaven.


Thank you so much to all the children who participated in the International Peace Quilt Project from The Vision Center for Culture and Arts, Bethany, Palestine. This is the chosen design to represent  Palestinian young people in the Quilt.

We all wish for Peace because we all have the right to live, play and dream.

Special thanks to everyone involved in helping this to happen, Milad Vosgueritchian,Manar Wahhab and also to Rashelly Davis and Doug Dunn for helping to connect us to Palestine. Fantastic job all round, much appreciated.

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