Schools’ International Peace Quilt

2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt

Our Schools’ International Peace Quilt works as a collective response to the principle behind both the traditional and modern Olympic ideals of building a peaceful and better world.

The focus of the Quilt is to invite children from all over the world to make a wish for peace.

We want the children`s wishes to speak out to the world and remind us of the simple wishes of a child in our complex and damaged world as we meet together in the shared experience of the Olympic Games, with its inherent values of building peace.

We wanted to encourage children from every country in the world to connect in one purpose.

We hoped that with this activity young people would be given the opportunity to reflect on their feelings about peace and how it can be achieved; be able to understand and empathise with those in situations of conflict creating greater cohesion and then promote PEACE within their local communities and further afield including competitors, World Leaders, and Governments.

The idea of a Quilt, which begins as an individual activity and then becomes a representation of a collective voice, felt a powerful and practical way to achieve our aims. Its story is told in and through the universal language of visual art making its meaning accessible to ALL.

Quilting is traditionally a way of creating an artefact which brings together a community. Each square is unique to its maker and tells an individual story in visual image, colour, form, texture, stitch and pattern.

This is then brought together with other individual stories to tell a collective story which reflect a community at a particular time for a particular purpose.

The Schools’ International Peace Quilt promotes peacemaking by raising awareness of the issues for different countries expressed in their wishes.

The ripples of the Olympic Quilts will have a lasting impact because most of the participating countries have chosen to create their own peace quilt as a wish for peace.

This will leave a legacy which can be spoken about to the post 2012 Olympic generation and exists as a reminder of the Olympic Ideal to promote a more peaceful and better world.

Lucy Tasker

Project Co- Creator

Abraham Moss Community School U.K.

Inspired by London 2012

FRENCH GUIANA, College Justin Catayee

French Guiana – College Justin Catayee
Representing the College Justin Catayee in French Guiana is this drawing chosen to represent the students of the school as well as their country.

The Students wish: We all wish for peace because we want to live together!!!

The drawing was inspired by the Olympic Games with a running track and cup used to dispose of unwanted weapons, which in itself symbolises the Olympic ideals of peace and freedom.

Thank you to all involved in creating this design, with additional thanks toPascal Gautherot, English teacher at the school, for helping to co-ordinate this project for French Guiana.

Flag of French Guiana.svg

GREECE International School of Athens

Here we have two drawings submitted by The International School of Athens, Greece which have been fantastically created on the Olympic theme.Thank you so much to Danae Theohari age 13 for the first one above. Danae’s design features London’s Big Ben and a red bus.

Danae’s message reads: “We all wish for Peace because we want a better World!!!”

The above drawing has been created by Apostolos Ducakis who is also 13. Apostolos’ Olympic theme illustrates London’s Tower Bridge and in the centre, the Olympic rings.

Apostolos’ message: “We all wish for Peace because it brings cultures together.”

Special thanks to Maria Voulgaris, Head of Fine Arts, for coordinating the project for all young people of Greece.

Greek Flag Meaning:
The nine stripes are said to stand for the nine syllables of the Greek patriots’ motto: ‘Eleutheria e Thanatos’ meaning ‘Freedom or Death’. but another theory states that they also symbolise the nine Muses, the goddesses of art and civilisation. The blue and white colours represent the Greek sea and sky combined with white clouds and waves. The white also represents the purity of the country’s struggle for independence and for freedom. The cross symbolises Greek Orthodoxy which is the established religion of the country.

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