KUWAIT, New English School

2016 Kuwait Abad Ullah Awan L6.2-page-001

We welcome these lovely designs from students of the New English School in Kuwait. This first design has been drawn by Abad Ullah Awan  Class L6.2

We all want peace because it gives love no borders!

2016 Kuwait Jenan Razian 9.3-page-001

We all wish for peace because… it is our only Future!

Jenan Razian Class 9.3

2016 Kuwait Hala AbdulGhafour 7.5-page-001We all wish for peace because we are one big happy family and together we could be a better world

Hala Abdul Ghafour Class 7.5

2016 Kuwait Tahraa Lari 9.3-page-001We all wish for peace because CHILDREN need to live PEACEFULLY 

Tahraa Lari Class 9.3

2016 Kuwait Riyam AlEnezi 11.7

We all wish for peace because we are humanity and humanity means every soul matters! 

 Riyam AlEnezi Class 11.7

2016 Kuwait Shahed Taj 9.3-page-001

We all wish for peace because it will help us get along and to stop fighting.

Shahed Taj Class 9.3

A huge thank you to Tania Shah Povia for coordinating the 2016 Peace Quilt entries for Kuwait and to all the students involved. A special thanks also to the school Principal for allowing the school to participate.

Interesting Kuwait Flag Facts:

Up until 1961 the flag of Kuwait was always based on a red background.

Kuwait has used 24 different flags since 1714.


BELARUS, Slonim gymnasium 1

We welcome Students from the Slonim Gymnasium 1,Belarus. There was an art competition to choose the best drawings for the School’s International Peace Quilt project and the following is the result. The  drawing above  has been done by Anton Adasik 11 years old

I wish for peace because it’s  development of science and soul

This second design has been created by Kate Dyatlova, 11 years old.

I wish for peace – Peace is green that is harmony between man and nature

This third design has been done by Irina Korolenya, 15 years old

We all wish for peace…Peace is in our hearts

This school also participated in The Circle of Peace, the idea of which is just a few months old .

”  At noon the students of  4, 5 , 6 and 7 grades together with teachers ( total 210 people) went in our school yard  and joined their hands to be part of the International Circle of Peace. They sent their best wishes to the world and prayed for peace all over the world.It was the first time we had participated in such activities but it was unforgettable.” Irina Volynets.

Special thanks to  Irina Volynets, teacher of English and the coordinator of telecollaborative projects in Slonim gymnasium 1, Belarus.

” The students of our school have been participating in The Peace One Day project for several years and it’s become a tradition to celebrate Peace Day on September 21. This year we have had Peace Week that started on September 21 and was full of different events and activities.

We all wish for peace because peace is LIFE on our planet Earth. Everybody has the right to live.We want to see happy, smiling people, the sun shining in the blue sky, to listen to birds’ singing, to enjoy the beauty of nature,… We wish for peace in the world, peace in the family and peace in our hearts.WE are PEACE.

Here is our acrostic poem about peace:
P – peaceful coexistence of all countries
E – equality between people of different nationalities and religions 
A – attention to the needs of others, tolerance and mutual understanding
C – care and support
E – equal relations and harmony  betweeman and nature

Well done to everyone involved from this school. A really powerful message for Peace by All.





The Belarus flag consists of two horizontal stripes, the upper stripe of the Belarus flag is red, and the lower stripe is green in color. The flag has a red ornamental pattern on a white vertical stripe leveled at the hoist. The green stripe symbolizes the future, hope, spring and revival and also the forests and fields of Belarus. The red color symbolizes Belarus’ past and the blood shed by the country men to achieve independence. The decorative pattern on the flag symbolizes Belarus’ rich cultural heritage, its spiritual continuity, and the unity of its people.


Thank you so much to all the children who participated in the International Peace Quilt Project from The Vision Center for Culture and Arts, Bethany, Palestine. This is the chosen design to represent  Palestinian young people in the Quilt.

We all wish for Peace because we all have the right to live, play and dream.

Special thanks to everyone involved in helping this to happen, Milad Vosgueritchian,Manar Wahhab and also to Rashelly Davis and Doug Dunn for helping to connect us to Palestine. Fantastic job all round, much appreciated.

flag.gif (831 bytes)

GUINEA-BISSAU,Escola Evangelica Peniel, Canchungo

We welcome the drawing to represent young people of Escola Evangelica Peniel, Canchungo, Guinea-Bissau in The International Peace Quilt. Thank you so much to all students involved from 5th and 6th classes (ages 9-12) for taking part in the school competition.

Think of the people, Think of the wildlife .Peace should be appart of us.The World wants Peace.

Special thank you to Lynne Bogle whom we contacted through Pat Anderson from The Guisborough Rotary Club, for connecting us with schools in the industrial town of Canchungo where She lives. Due to a military coup in this country, the sending of the drawing has been held up.

The black star on the Guinea-Bissau flag symbolizes freedom and the African people; the red stripe represents the blood spilt for the country’s liberty and for the nation’s suffering during colonial rule; while the yellow represents the sun and labor; and the green stands for the lush vegetation, agriculture and hope of Guinea-Bissau.


Today we are delighted to receive the design that represents the young people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on the International PeaceQuilt. This design has been wonderfully created by a 13-year-old student who attends a middle school located in the capital city of Pyongyang, DPRK.

We wish for world peace because we all want to unite and play together.

This student wanted to show the entire peninsula as “One Korea” with a rainbow uniting both the northern and southern halves of his divided country. The two Korean children in the picture represent his dream in which one-day children from both sides of the Korean peninsula come together and play in peace.

Note: Since the Korean War (1950-1953) the Korean Peninsula remains divided
as two sovereign states, the DPRK and South Korea (ROK).

We are so very grateful to our contact for helping us include young people from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the International Peace Quilt Project in time for the London Games.

We would appreciate your impressions of this drawing. We will then share these thoughts with the artist.

The blue stripes signify sovereignty, peace and friendship. The white stripes signify purity and the heritage of the Korean people. Red represents the revolutionary spirit of the people. The red star is the symbol of communism.


Copyright © 2012 PeaceQuilt, All rights reserved.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Ela Murray International School


We are delighted to receive designs from Ela Murray International School, Papua New Guinea. Unfortunately some of the pieces went missing the end of last year but thankfully some were found again and have now been received. This one of the lovely rose has been done by John Pundari.

I think Peace is a good thing

Thank you so much to everyone from the Ela Murray International School for your participation.

A competition was held to design a flag for the country in 1971. The government approved a design submitted by local art teacher, Susan Karike. It became the national flag upon Papua New Guinea’s independence.

PALAU, Palau High School

Thank you to the students from Palau High School in The Republic of Palau for their contribution to The International Peace Quilt. Well done to Fremont Mengidab for this first one which includes a colourful rainbow,flags of many different Countries,and the islands.

World Peace

This drawing has also been created by Fremont and describes the many different ways Peace is shown in Palau.

A.Our traditions promote Peace by exchanging gifts.

B.Our tradition promotes Peace by offering sanctuary and refuge to foreigners in need.

C.Our tradition promotes Peace by setting the extended families to gather money for financial burdens.

D.Our tradition promotes Peace by relatives coming together and contribute money to purchase a new home.

Thank you so much to Ibuuch Tomoichi Principal of Palau High School for coordinating the International Peace Quilt for Palau.

The blue base symbolizes the political maturity of Palau, and its journey from foreign control to independence. The yellow circle represents the moon, a sign of national unity and, according to Palauan belief, represents the best time for traditional activities, such as fishing, harvesting, planting and festivals.

BHUTAN, Utpal Academy Girl’s High School

Sherab Lhamo

We thank all the girls from Utpal Academy in Bhutan, Bhutan’s first all-girls school for this selection of drawings.

The top design has been drawn by Sherab Lhamo. Sherab delivers a wonderful message.

United we stand. Divided we fall. For me Peace is a place where only happiness exists and where the people get harmony. Peace is where the people are blessed with everything. Sherab

The next design has been originally created by Sonam Choden and the second by Rada Om Tshering.

We want Peace to have a happy life. Sonam 

Peace is the source of glory and harmony all around the World. It eases all the violence and misery of all. Rada 

Nyingtob Lhamo

The third design has been created by Nyingtob LhamoClass- VII

Peace is the main source of Happiness. 

The next deigns have been drawn by Kinley Sonam Selden, Sonam Dechen and Pem K Choden.

Our World is Peace by Kinley   

Peace means happiness,if there is no peace there will be no life and not even our mother earth. Let us help the Earth to be in Peace,so that we rest in Peace and enjoy the moment together by Sonam Dechen

We want Peace because we want to see happiness and success in our people by Pem

World Peace – Pema 

We need Peace because to help our Earth fly towards the heaven of values by Sonam.

We wish for Peace because it makes our future bright

P…ROTECT    E…..ARTH     A….ND   C…..ORE  E……ARTH  by Tshering

Very well done to all these girls and to Dawa for helping coordinate the project for this school . “Its completely their original work without any edition done.” Dawa.

Utpal is another name for lotus flower, which is believed to grow from mud and yet blossoms into a beautiful and majestic flower. It stands for purity. Symbolically, it also stands for the transformation of our girls. What an apt name for the school!


The colours of the Bhutan flag represent spiritual and temporal power within the country.

BENIN, English International School

Well done to everyone from the English International School in Benin for these drawings to join in the International Peace Quilt project.

Our first student says: We all wish for Peace because it is too tiring to fight.

The next design reads: We all wish for Peace because it gives freedom to all the people of the World

And finally: We all wish for Peace because with Peace there is happiness and we all deserve happiness.

Thank you so much to all the students involved and to Rebecca Khelseau-Carsky (Head Teacher) for coordinating the project for this school.


Benin Coutonou

Thank you so much to Rebecca for sending us this photo from Benin’s circle of peace.

“We took part in International Peace Day at our small school by going onto our field and forming the peace symbol.We look forward to a continued collaboration… ” Rebecca Khelseau-Carsky

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