ICELAND International School of Iceland

 This is the colourful drawing received in the post from The International School of Iceland.Thanks to Heida Mist Kristjansdottir for this one which presents all young people  of Iceland in this wish.

Heida says  We all wish for Peace because Life is too short to waste in hatred.






Icelandic Flag Meaning:
The cross on the Icelandic flag represents Iceland’s Scandinavian connection. The Icelandic flag was designed by Matthias Thordarson. He explained the colors as representing blue for the mountains, white for ice and snow and red for fire and lava as Iceland has much volcanic activity. Blue and white are the country’s traditional colors. The Icelandic flag is a reversed version of the Norwegian flag and it reflects Iceland’s early ancestral link to Norway. It also incorporates the red and white of Denmark’s flag.

SEYCHELLES, International School

This is the wonderful drawing received from The International School in The Seychelles. Thank you to Martina from year 6 , aged 11 for this piece of art  and also to Her Head Teacher Mrs Jane Lincoln for coordinating the project in this school.

Martina says, “We all wish for Peace because it brings love the Power of Life. “

Seychelles Flag Meaning:

Red, white and green are the colors of the Seychelles People’s United Party; while blue and yellow represent the country’s Democratic Party. On their own, the blue represents the sea and sky, yellow represents the sun, red symbolizes the unity of the nation’s people, white stands for justice and harmony and green symbolizes the land. The expanding width of the flag’s stripes symbolizes the Seychelles growth and vitality.

QATAR, The Qatar Leadership Academy

This is the winning drawing to represent the Qatar Leadership Academy of Qatar. Thank you to Alhareth Mohammedali who created this piece. Looking closely in the wings of the bird are the words “Peace”  and “Life” in Arabic.

Alhareth writes, “We all wish for peace because it is a right.”

Also thank you to Adnan Makovic for the organisation of this project in the school and to all other students involved.

Qatar Flag Meaning:

The white portion of the Qatar flag symbolises peace and the maroon, which was formerly red, represents the Kharijite Muslims of Qatar and the bloodshed in Qatar’s many wars. The serrated edge represents Qatar as the 9th member of the ‘reconciled Emirates’ of the Arabian Gulf at the conclusion of the Qatari-British treaty in 1916.

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