2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt Winning Design for Kazakhstan

Congratulations to  Song Yeona in  Grade 2 from the Kazakhstan International School for her winning design. Choosing one design was very, very difficult as we have received so many that would be worthy winners. After much deliberation Song’s design has been chosen for it’s sheer simplicity and originality. It is a new idea which we hadn’t seen before. Looking at the new 2016 quilt it always seemed to catch our eye. Well done Song!

2016 Kazakhstan Ye-JPEG
Song Yeona

Song says: We all wish for peace because it brings happiness to the children all over the world.

A copy of ‘The Children’s Book of Peace’ with all the 2012 designs will be on it’s way to the Kazakhstan International School in due course.

KAZAKHSTAN, Almaty International

Thank you to Ha Vi and Kathleen for these 2 drawings from the Almaty International, Kazakhstan.

Ha Vi says ” We all wish Peace so Countries will not fight.”

Kathleen says ” We all wish for Peace because it will make the World a happier place.”

Thank you to Kalpana Rajput art teacher for coordinating the project for the Almaty International School, Kazakhstan.

A modern interpretation states the blue background stands for Kazakhstan’s broad skies, and for freedom. The steppe eagle and the sun represent freedom and the flight toward greater heights and fulfillment of aspiration.

KAZAKHSTAN, Miras International School

Here we have some of the drawings received from Miras International Kazakhstan. Thank you to art teacher Deepa Sharma for the fantastic competition organised in this school. All the drawings are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much to everyone involved. It is so moving to see what is being created here 😉

“We all wish for Peace because we want to be happy.”


We all wish Peace because the World will be united and together, all of us are family, a strong family.

We all wish for Peace because we want us,our relatives and friends be happy.



We all wish for Peace because we want to be happy.

We wish for Peace because we love it.


“Footpath to Peace” day at Miras.

Friday 21 September has been named “Footpath to Peace” day at Miras.

We invite our school community to share with our students to celebrate the meaning of peace and join with us in expressing what peace means to you. All students and staff will gather at 1000 to sing “We are the World” which is a symbol of our unity.

We will then proceed to display on the footpaths of the school the images of peace that will be drawn by our students and staff. So please join us on this special day and be part of “Footpath to Peace”. The event will conclude at approximately 1100.

Kazakhstan flag has sky blue background. In the middle of the flag of Kazakhstan there is a golden sun with thirty two rays and this sun is placed over an golden eagle. On the hoisting side of the flag there is a golden ornamentation.

The sky color signifies several Turkic people and also indicates the sky god. The ornamentation stands for the cultural heritage of old Kazakhstan while the eagle indicates to the golden rule of Genghis Khan empire in Kazakhstan.

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