MALAWI, Bishop McKenzie School

This is the winning drawing to represent The Bishop McKenzie School, Malawi,completed by Habesha Petros age 11. Thank you to Habesha and all students involved in the project.

We all wish for Peace because it brings happiness

Thank you also to her art teacher Emma Hamilton who undertook the project with Year 6 students.”Many thanks for involving us, it has been a fantastic experience and the children even went on to make some peace sculptures with clay. Good luck with getting the quilt made in time for the Olympics and we would love to see a copy of the finished piece which I am sure will look amazing.”


POLAND, Wroclaw International

This drawing has been done by Grade 9 student Gawon Lee, a South Korean attending the middle school in Wroclaw International, Poland.

Misun J. Thompson, the schools Art teacher, helped to organise the Peace Quilt Competition that involved Grades 1 to 10. The school had 10 class winners and one overall winner.

Gawon’s message reads: “We all want Peace because Peace will make everyone enjoy the happy world.”

“It was a fun and enjoyable experience.”  said Misun J. Thompson.

Thank you all for this wonderful drawing of Peace.

Polish Flag Meaning:
The colours of the Polish flag are based on the colours of the national coat of arms which is a white eagle on a red shield and dates back to 13th century. The red symbolises the blood shed in the country’s fight for independence and the white symbolises peace.

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