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ARGENTINA, Comercial N° 11 “Dr. José Peralta” School

9 Jul
Camila Gómez

Camila Gómez

Students of Comercial N° 11 “Dr. José Peralta” School in Argentina have submitted these wonderful designs. The first one has been drawn by Camila Gómez   1° 3° T.M. and was voted the piece to represent Argentina by the jury composed of the principal: Gabriela Gramont, the design professor: Sabrina Idaberry and the student: Carla Palermo, who made the drawing in  the 2012 SIPQ.

Camila’s quote reads: “Queremos la paz porque queremos ser felices”

“We all wish for peace because we want to be happy”

The first design above has been done by Aylén Chávez, Bárbara Junco,  Sheyla Alarcón, Micaela Medina, Abigail Namaka, Oriana  Fortuna and Milagros Balbuena  1°2° T.M. 

“Queremos la paz porque todavía hay esperanza”

“We all wish for peace because there is still hope”

The design alongside has been drawn by Bradly Navarro, Gustavo Cabral, Alexis Ibañez and Francisco Quispe 1°2° T.M.

“Queremos la paz porque queremos vivir mejor”

“We all wish for peace because we want to live better”

The first of these pictures has been drawn by Charly Choque Flores and Ricardo Tocón Cardozo. 

“Queremos paz en el mundo porque no queremos más guerras”

“We all wish for peace in the world because we don’t want more wars”

The next one is by Heber Barbieri and Thomás González  1°2° T.M.

“Queremos la paz porque no queremos más guerras”

We all wish for peace because we don’t want more wars”

Next in line we have a drawing by Martín Giménez  1°2° T.T. whose quote reads:

“Paz y amor. La unión hace la fuerza.”

“Peace & love. Unity makes strength”

Then we have La Paz by  Priscilla and Antonella Iabichella  1°2° T.M.

“Queremos la paz para que el mundo sea más tranquilo”

“We all wish for peace for the world to be peaceful”

8The final design has been created by Bárbara Ponce, Belén de María, María Ibañez y Franco Castro 1° 2° T.M.

“La paz exige cuatro condiciones esenciales: verdad, justicia, amor y libertad”

“Peace requires four essential conditions: truth, justice, love and freedom”.

A huge thank you to all those involved and to Paula Burd who coordinated the project for Argentina.

Interesting Argentine Flag Facts:
Argentines call the blue colour of their national flag ‘celeste’, which is the colour of the day sky seen from normal angles of sight.

When ceremonially carried, the Argentine flag and flag bearers are subject to certain particular and elaborate practices set by law and flags are always carried with at least two escorts.

Argentine’s flag bearers usually have to go through a screening process and in schools there is strong competition by students to achieve the honour. Often students with the best grades are chosen to be Argentine’s flag carriers.


UNITED STATES VIRGIN ISLANDS The St Thomas Boys and Girls School

28 Nov

We welcome the United States Virgin Islands to the Schools International Peace Quilt Project which brings the total of Countries now included to 201.

Sue Boland, President of the Rotary Club of St Thomas,U.S. Virgin Islands gives us a description of images received.

” These drawings were done by 8 year old kids.  It is interesting what they chose to represent our beautiful islands.  The first drawing palm trees (we have many) a fisherman and fish (favorite pastime of many) also birds and goats (we have many) and of course white fluffy clouds and sun ( the sun shines most of the time)…”

“The second drawing has palm trees and sun but has also added a mocko jumbie (stilt walker of which we have many) also three boys playing steel pans (the islands favorite music makers are the steel pans) a house and in the bottom right corner a tourist basking in the sun (our primary industry is tourism – today we have eight cruise ships in port).

These kids are special for although life has not been fair for them – they are beautiful and happy getting the loving attention of the dedicated adults that take care of them on a daily basis.

The Boys and Girls Club is supported by our Rotary Club of St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.  I am delighted that you contacted me about the wonderful Int’l Peace Quilt project that you have been an instrumental part of.  It is exciting and I am so pleased to have our United States Virgin Islands  be a part of.  The dream of peace throughout the world is something we have all prayed for over a life time – I hope the youth of the world can make it happen.”

Sue Boland, President of the Rotary Club of St Thomas,U.S. Virgin Islands

Thank you so much to Sue and all the kids involved, it is fantastic to receive your images of the islands and so join in the Int’l Peace Quilt.

Virgin Islands (United States) Flag Meaning:
The letters V and I, on either side of the eagle stand for the Virgin Islands. The three arrows being held by the eagle symbolize St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John; which are the three main islands that make up the U.S. Virgin Islands. The eagle holds the olive leaf in the other claw.The white base of the flag symbolizes purity, and the eagle is displayed with the shield of the United States on its chest.

NETHERLANDS ANTILLES, International school of Curaçao

3 May

Thanks so much to everyone from The International school of Curaçao in Netherlands Antilles for this lovely creative unique design to join in the International Peace Quilt.

We all wish for Peace because Peace makes everyone happy !!!

Special thanks also to Nathalie Beaujon Art Teacher for helping coordinate the project for this Country. This school believes in improving our world one student at a time through an excellent academic program and a focus on community involvement in order to prepare the global citizens of tomorrow.



The five stars represent the five main islands of the Antilles which are Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St. Eustatius, and St. Maarten.

KUWAIT, Khalifa School

2 May











Thank you to everyone in Khalifa School in Kuwait for this selection of drawings/ paintings.

We all wish for Peace because when we are together,we will be happy and feel better by Lulwa

We all wish for Peace because it will bring friendship by Hassan Sami






We all wish for Peace because everyone will have a safe place to live by Fajer.

Because we will be happy by Abdulaziz Hajji

We all wish for Peace because the World will be a wonderful place by Ahmad Ali













We all wish for Peace because it will make the World beautiful by Adel

We all wish for Peace because the world will be a happy place by Younes






We all wish for Peace because it makes us happy by Dalal Faisal

We all wish Peace to work better and feel comfortable by Haimaa

We all need Peace because we are free to choose the right by Shaikha







We all wish for Peace to live happily by Lulwa

We all wish Peace to live safely by Fatima Ameen

We all need Peace because we dream of a World which is Peace with itself by Dalal

We all wish for Peace to help each other by Fatima Adel

We all wish for Peace because it brings joy by Fatima Adil

We all wish for Peace because it brings People together by Ali Alamri

Well done to all these students for their creative works and also thank you to all the staff and Wafa Hamiya for organising the project in Khalifa School, Kuwait.

Interesting Kuwait Flag Facts:

Up until 1961 the flag of Kuwait was always based on a red background.

Kuwait has used 24 different flags since 1714.

COOK ISLANDS, Avatea School

15 Nov

Thank you to everyone in Avatea School, The Cook Islands for this lovely piece.

“We all wish for Peace because it makes us happy.”

“This is the  winning entry for the Peace Quilt drawn by Alex Nootai in Year 8. He is 13yrs old. He drew the school logo and the Cook Islands flag at the top of his artwork. He used some traditional designs to decorate the wooden seat that has Cook Islands written on and ‘tiare Maori’ gardenia flowers – valuable flowers used for medicines, dance costumes, oils, etc. He also drew hibiscus flowers which is also in abundant throughout the islands of the Cooks.”

Nga Charlie (Ms) Principal


is not about anger.
It’s about love.

is not about war.
It’s like a dove that soars gracefully in the

if you think that you can fight
Then you are not all right.

Ben M Mohammed Aydan
Avatea Primary School, Form 2

(Small Islands Voice)

CHILE, The Grange School, Santiago

12 Mar

This is the drawing to represent students from The Grange School, Santiago, Chile on the 2012 Quilt.

Their message of peace: “We all wish for peace because we deserve to be safe, happy and respected.”

Thank you to all students for their design, and thank you to Andrea Cifuentes, the Head of Year 3 ( ages 7 and 8 ) for all the wonderful work done.

“It was a wonderful experience for all the children. Thank you for the great opportunity.” Andrea



The Chilean flag was adopted on October 18, 1817, making it one of the oldest flags in the world. The flag was adopted upon independence from Spain in that year.

Copyright © 2010–2017 Schools’ International Peace Quilt, All rights reserved.

POLAND, Wroclaw International

5 Feb

This drawing has been done by Grade 9 student Gawon Lee, a South Korean attending the middle school in Wroclaw International, Poland.

Misun J. Thompson, the schools Art teacher, helped to organise the Peace Quilt Competition that involved Grades 1 to 10. The school had 10 class winners and one overall winner.

Gawon’s message reads: “We all want Peace because Peace will make everyone enjoy the happy world.”

“It was a fun and enjoyable experience.”  said Misun J. Thompson.

Thank you all for this wonderful drawing of Peace.

Polish Flag Meaning:
The colours of the Polish flag are based on the colours of the national coat of arms which is a white eagle on a red shield and dates back to 13th century. The red symbolises the blood shed in the country’s fight for independence and the white symbolises peace.

Copyright © 2010–2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt, All rights reserved.