The Children’s Book of Peace – World Book Day 2015

Marilyn Sylvester with The Children's Book of Peace
Marilyn Sylvester names her favourite book for World Book Day 2015

The Children’s Book of Peace

With conflict, terror and political unrest dominating the headlines day after day, my favourite book has to be: The Children’s Book of Peace. This publication evolved after the creation of the ‘first ever’ Schools’ International Peace Quilt that was founded in my home town of Guisborough. Hot off the press and documented within its pages, are school children’s colourful illustrations (all 211 of them from 203 countries) expressing how they feel peace can be achieved. Each drawing is displayed alongside the name of the creator(s) as well as their stories. Included, is further information about flags, populations, currencies, religions and much more besides. With guidance from their teachers, not only does The Children’s Book of Peace symbolically commemorate World Book Day through its rich celebration of cultural diversity; additionally, this book’s ongoing legacy is still being told through the universal language of visual art to celebrate Rio 2016!

The Children’s Book of Peace will be published on demand in the next few weeks and costs £27 each plus the cost of shipping. For further information, please email:

Please visit the Redcar and Cleveland Adult Learning Facebook page

THE MALDIVES Iskandher School


From the Maldives we received over 600 drawings. A huge thank you to everyone involved into having the project a huge success for the Iskandher School. Following are a few of the designs submitted.

We all wish for Peace because we love World

We all wish for Peace because its very peaceful at night


We all wish for Peace because it never harms

We all wish for Peace because …for a better future


We all wish for peace because we all need freedom.

We all wish for Peace because we will get along more together.


We thank Diane Stephens from Skillshare, North East LTD, for using her available contacts through Government to help us reach a school in the Maldives. Iskandher school has been reached through the British High Commissioner Farahanaz Faizal through Hon. David Amess, member of parliament for Southend West. From them the  journey went through Soodha, teacher educator in The Maldives Education Department who found a school wishing to take part. Well done everyone.

Special thanks to everyone in the school: to Rinzy, Deputy Principal, and all the staff and students involved in completing a wonderful journey on what can be achieved by many working together.

Maldives Flag Description:
The flag of Maldives consists of a red background with a green rectangle in the middle of it. In the middle of the rectangle there is a white crescent pointing towards the right side of the Maldives flag. The Maldives flag was adopted on July 25, 1963. The flag of Maldives was originally a plain red flag. Up until 1949, the crescent pointed towards the left. The country gained independence from Britain on July 16, 1965.

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ALBANIA, Foundacioni Nehemia School

Thank you to Punoc Juna from Foundacioni Nehemia School for this drawing to represent their young people. Here we have children from all different Nationalities surrounding the World in Peace.

We also thank Luiza Elmasllari for having the children of Foundacioni Nehemia school  join in this project. The Nehemia Foundation is involved with some great work in Albania and has overcome many challenges over the past 20 years. NEHEMIA School started its activity in 1998 with only five classes and now its activity extends to 290 pupils in total.

We thank Foundacioni Nehemia School in Albania for beginning the Circle of Peace activities around the World for Peace Day September 21st,2012.






“Yesterday, on the International Peace Day, as you suggested, I organised the pupils and teachers of our school, at noon, and asked each of them to say a prayer for peace .
I am sending you 2 photos.We are always ready to cooperate with you in such wonderful peace promoting projects.
Thank you again. Luiza.”




Albania Flag Meaning:
The eagle is taken from an Albanian folk tale. The eagle faithfully watches over and guides the king or the “son of the eagle.”

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ANDORRA, École française des Escaldes










Well done to all the students from École française des Escaldes, Andorra for these excellent drawings. This first one has been done by Alda and the next by Izan.

Nous voulons la paix parce que nous n’aimons pas la guerre !

Nous voulons la paix parcue nous l’aimons 











The next two have been created by Joel and Julia.











These two drawings have been done by Laia and Neus. Great job by everyone in this school and to Vladimir Bagrov for coordinating the Project for this Country. We are delighted to have Andorra included.

This motto appears on the coat of arms: Virtuis Unita Fortior which means “United Strength is Stronger”.  Blue represents France, red symbolizes Spain and yellow honors the Vatican.

There are several countries that have a flag that honors one other country such as former British territories that use the Union Jack as their flags. I don’t think you will find any other countries that honor three separate states.

In today’s contentious world it is good to know some nations honor others this way.

TUNISIA, Tabarka 18 Janvier 1952 Preparatory School

Thank you to Amel Abes, all the students and  everyone from Tabarka 18 Janvier 1952 Preparatory School for this wonderful selection of drawings.

We all wish for Peace because we are all brothers. 

We all wish for Peace because we want to build a unified world.











We all wish for Peace because we want to live happy. 

We all wish for Peace because wars must be banished   by Aloui Fadwa

 We all wish for peace because it’s nice for the future. 


Make the effort for Peace.

We all wish for peace because we have the right for a brighter future 

by Aloui Sarra.








We all wish for peace because it’s safety that makes us sleep in peace.



” It would be a real pleasure for our pupils to participate in this project and to send drawings from our dear Tunisia, just come out of a peaceful revolution ( Jasmin Revolution). It would be a great honour for us to have our pupils’ drawings represented via your project. Thank you in advance and good luck in your project; it is really a wonderful idea. ”

Best regards Amel.

Some of the teachers and students from Tabarka  18 January Preparatory School, Tunisia who participated in the International Peace Quilt Project.

AFGHANISTAN, International School of Kabul

This is the drawing received from International School of Kabul, Afghanistan. Thank you so much to Katayoon Hamid grade 6 for this great piece. Thanks also to Joel Mangin for coordinating the project in this school,and to all the students and staff that were involved in the successful outcome.

Katayoon`s message is  We all wish for Peace because we don`t want to lose our family and friends and so this World would be a better place.

“We had a competition in the fall to complete a drawing about Peace in Afghanistan and it was a big success.The students were very excited and almost all of the staff voted on the winner, including our school director and principal.” 

This  flag was adopted January 4, 2004. This flag consists of three stripes of the colors black, red, and green. The center emblem is the classical emblem of Afghanistan with a mosque with its mihrab  facing Mecca.

Afghanistan has had more changes of its national flag during the 20th century than any other country in the world.It has had a massive 20 different flags since the first flag in 1747. In only 4 years (1926–1930), Afghanistan had 7 flag changes – many of these flags were used as the nation’s flags for only a few months.

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KENYA, Jabez Community School, Mukuru Slums

We received a number of drawings from the lovely children in the Jabez Community Orphanage School in the Mukuru Slums, Nairobi, Kenya under the leadership of Jabes Odhiambo. What amazingly creative children they are. 

The design above was drawn by Charity Mueni who says:

One Community, One People, One Peace.” Great work by Charity.

Thank you to Dennis Imbali for this one where he illustrates and promotes peace through sport and football.

Well done to Ramadhan for this design which is a celebration of peace itself showing the doves and the peace emblem.

Our Classroom

Thank you so much to Peter Sotheran from the Guisborough Rotary club and to the organisation as a partner for working with contacts so these children can give their voice for Peace.

“The slums are home to approx’ 850,000 people, living in tin sheds with earth floors, no sanitation or running water. If you watched Lenny Henry & Angela Rippon in the Kibera Slums, then you get the picture. The Mukuru slum is only a mile or so away, across the railway tracks from Kibera.” Peter Sotheran

We are blessed and  honoured to have these children involved in this project.

Motto: ” Harambee” ( Swahili )

“Let us all pull together “

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Welcome to the Schools International Peace Quilt

I would like to introduce you all to the Schools’ International Peace Quilt Project. This project was created as a celebration of the London Olympics in 2012. From humble beginnings schools were invited from all over the world to participate with a determination to include them all!  The idea was that one school from all Olympic participating countries would submit an A4 size drawing of what Peace meant to children and young people. Once the designs were received, they were then transferred onto material and all joined together to form a Schools’ International Quilt of World Unity. This work took place via the wonderful Quilters of Guisborough, UK and the Abraham Moss Community School in Manchester, which was the school representing the United Kingdom. With the International School of Copenhagen, Denmark being the first school to accept our invitation, the Summit College of South Africa number 50 and St. Anne’s Paraguay no. 100, the project went on to include 203 countries of the world. The first design arrived from Brunei a country known as the ‘abode of peace’. What an amazing message of peace and harmonious collaboration this project turned out to be.

With half the Quilt completed by September 2011, it then found its way to Switzerland to be exhibited at the One Young World Summit held in Switzerland that month. The quilt was displayed nationally all through 2012 eventually finding its way to the Stone Space Gallery in Leytonstone London, right next to the Olympic stadium. The quilt itself brought tears to many as the profound message for peace from children was felt in the hearts of all. Many amazing drawings were received, Afghanistan was very moving as was Slovenia; New Zealand was an artistic gem and the impossibility of having young people of North Korea represented actually became possible! The quilt received awards and became a part of the long forgotten Olympic Truce and has since been displayed in schools across the world.

For RIO 2016 we again invited schools,teachers and their students to once more express their message of peace to the world. In a time when Peace has never been so important, the new 2016 Peace Quilt, the Sharnbrook Upper School (UK)  Peace Patch UK project and our new ‘Stride for Truce’ event helped to further promote the OLYMPIC TRUCE which dates back to the original games in the 9th Century BC.

The 2012 project will forever live on as a lasting legacy in the form of the colourful ‘Children’s Book of Peace’ in which all the drawings have been published with added information.

 A massive thank you to so many teachers and their wonderful students for being an amazing part of this creative project, without you all this simple but ambitious idea would never have formed from an acorn into an oak!

Trish Booth Founder

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