BHUTAN, Utpal Academy Girl’s High School

Sherab Lhamo

We thank all the girls from Utpal Academy in Bhutan, Bhutan’s first all-girls school for this selection of drawings.

The top design has been drawn by Sherab Lhamo. Sherab delivers a wonderful message.

United we stand. Divided we fall. For me Peace is a place where only happiness exists and where the people get harmony. Peace is where the people are blessed with everything. Sherab

The next design has been originally created by Sonam Choden and the second by Rada Om Tshering.

We want Peace to have a happy life. Sonam 

Peace is the source of glory and harmony all around the World. It eases all the violence and misery of all. Rada 

Nyingtob Lhamo

The third design has been created by Nyingtob LhamoClass- VII

Peace is the main source of Happiness. 

The next deigns have been drawn by Kinley Sonam Selden, Sonam Dechen and Pem K Choden.

Our World is Peace by Kinley   

Peace means happiness,if there is no peace there will be no life and not even our mother earth. Let us help the Earth to be in Peace,so that we rest in Peace and enjoy the moment together by Sonam Dechen

We want Peace because we want to see happiness and success in our people by Pem

World Peace – Pema 

We need Peace because to help our Earth fly towards the heaven of values by Sonam.

We wish for Peace because it makes our future bright

P…ROTECT    E…..ARTH     A….ND   C…..ORE  E……ARTH  by Tshering

Very well done to all these girls and to Dawa for helping coordinate the project for this school . “Its completely their original work without any edition done.” Dawa.

Utpal is another name for lotus flower, which is believed to grow from mud and yet blossoms into a beautiful and majestic flower. It stands for purity. Symbolically, it also stands for the transformation of our girls. What an apt name for the school!


The colours of the Bhutan flag represent spiritual and temporal power within the country.

BHUTAN, Druk School

We welcome this drawing of Peace to represent young people from the The Druk School and  Bhutan.

We all wish for Peace because the well-being of humanity depends on it

Special thanks also to Madam Principal  Mrs. Tshewang Choden Wangdi for involving the students from Druk School. Druk School is the leading middle-secondary school in the Kingdom of Bhutan for the past three years under the leadership of  Mrs. Tshewang Choden Wangdi.

The school is a centre of academic excellence responsible for imparting knowledge and behavioral skill to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The schools motto………..Excellence is body mind and speech.

Bhutan Flag Meaning:

The dragon on the Bhutan flag is white to symbolize purity. The dragon is holding jewels in its claws and these represent wealth. The snarling mouth of the dragon represents the strength of the people protecting the country. The colors of the Bhutan flag represent spiritual and temporal power within the country. The orange represents the Drukpas monasteries and Buddhist religion, and the orange/ yellow symbolizes the secular authority of the dynasty.

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