ARUBA, International School of Aruba

Many thanks to the students from the International School of Aruba (ISA) for this fantastic drawing. 

The young people say: “We need Peace for not having wars and we can work together like Aruba that is one HAPPY ISLAND!”

Thank you also to Karoli Melwani for organising the project giving all the middle school students a voice for peace.


Aruba Flag Meaning:

There are conflicting meanings of the Aruba flag’s colours. One theory states that the four pointed star represents the island itself and its four main languages, Papiamento, Spanish, English and Dutch. The light blue represents the sea and sky. The yellow stripes stand for the wanglo, a yellow coloured rain-flower. Another theory states that yellow is the colour of abundance, representing Aruba’s past and present industries of gold, aloe and oil; red stands for the love that each Aruban has for their country and for the ancient industry of Brazil wood; and white represents the snow-white beaches as well as the purity of the hearts of Aruba’s natives who strive for justice, order and liberty. The yellow stripes also symbolise the free and separate position the island enjoys in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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