Burkina Faso, Life Academy

Jessica Gray age 12
Jessica Gray age 12

We very much welcome these designs from the Life Academy School in Burkina Faso.  

Jessica says: I want peace because we can help so many more people if we work together.

Josh Gray age 14
Josh Gray age 14

Josh says: I want World Peace because we need it.

Ben Minotti age 12
Ben Minotti age 12

Bens quote: I want World Peace because that’s how the world was created.

Aron Gustar Yochenan Baarsan age 10
Aron Gustar Yochenan Baarsan age 10

Aron Gustar Yochenan Baarsan says: We all wish for peace because it is good to have.

Hezekiah Black age 11
Hezekiah Black age 11

Hezekiah says: We all wish for peace because that is what Jesus wants.

Katie Gray age 9
Katie Gray age 9

Katie’s quote: We all wish for peace because that’s what God wants.

Ruth Baarsan age 8
Ruth Baarsan age 8

Ruth Baarsan says: We all wish for peace because it doesn’t kill people.

Miriam Black age 9
Miriam Black age 9

Miriam says: We all wish for peace because Africa should be peaceful.

Thank you very much to Lynne Bogle who organised the Schools’ International Peace Quilt competition for Burkina Faso and to all the students that have participated.

As Lynne said at the time, “Never has the statement ‘we all wish for peace…’ seemed more ironic!!”

Landlocked Burkina Faso had unfortunately been put under a military coup last week when we received these designs. Thankfully the situation is now in hand and the coup guard unit (a controversial autonomous military unit) has been disbanded, unfortunately not before some people needlessly lost their lives! The Burkinabes started their own resistance movement and showed that military coups will no longer be tolerated in West Africa. Life is hard enough for the people of Burkina Faso (Burkinabes), it also being  one of the world’s poorest countries. Let’s hope now that their upcoming elections may be held in a peaceful and democratic way. 

The Burkina Faso flag was adopted on August 4, 1984. In August 1984 there was a coup, and the country’s name was changed from Upper Volta to Burkina Faso and the new Burkina Faso flag was adopted. Burkina Faso roughly translates into “The land of honorable men.”

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BENIN, English International School

Well done to everyone from the English International School in Benin for these drawings to join in the International Peace Quilt project.

Our first student says: We all wish for Peace because it is too tiring to fight.

The next design reads: We all wish for Peace because it gives freedom to all the people of the World

And finally: We all wish for Peace because with Peace there is happiness and we all deserve happiness.

Thank you so much to all the students involved and to Rebecca Khelseau-Carsky (Head Teacher) for coordinating the project for this school.


Benin Coutonou

Thank you so much to Rebecca for sending us this photo from Benin’s circle of peace.

“We took part in International Peace Day at our small school by going onto our field and forming the peace symbol.We look forward to a continued collaboration… ” Rebecca Khelseau-Carsky

KENYA, Jabez Community School, Mukuru Slums

We received a number of drawings from the lovely children in the Jabez Community Orphanage School in the Mukuru Slums, Nairobi, Kenya under the leadership of Jabes Odhiambo. What amazingly creative children they are. 

The design above was drawn by Charity Mueni who says:

One Community, One People, One Peace.” Great work by Charity.

Thank you to Dennis Imbali for this one where he illustrates and promotes peace through sport and football.

Well done to Ramadhan for this design which is a celebration of peace itself showing the doves and the peace emblem.

Our Classroom

Thank you so much to Peter Sotheran from the Guisborough Rotary club and to the organisation as a partner for working with contacts so these children can give their voice for Peace.

“The slums are home to approx’ 850,000 people, living in tin sheds with earth floors, no sanitation or running water. If you watched Lenny Henry & Angela Rippon in the Kibera Slums, then you get the picture. The Mukuru slum is only a mile or so away, across the railway tracks from Kibera.” Peter Sotheran

We are blessed and  honoured to have these children involved in this project.

Motto: ” Harambee” ( Swahili )

“Let us all pull together “

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TANZANIA,The School of St. Jude

Thank you to the students from The School of St. Jude in Tanzania for this wonderful drawing and also to Tara Crowe for organising the project in this school. Great work by everyone.

The students’ wish for peace: We all wish for peace because in times of peace children have the opportunity to play, learn and develop as all children should. 


In 2002 a young lady, Gemma Rice (now Gemma Sisia), from a sheep farm in Australia, opened a small school in Northern Tanzania with the help of her family, friends and local Rotary Club.

Gemma had inherited the passion and zeal  from her ancestor, Edmund Rice (founder of the Christian Brothers movement)

Tanzanian Flag Meaning:
The green stripe symbolises agriculture and the fertility of the land. The black represents the citizens of Tanzania. The blue stripe stands for the Indian Ocean which is on Tanzania’s eastern coastline, and the yellow stripe represents the country’s mineral wealth.

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