Thank you for the updates on the International Peace Quilt!  All of us at The School of Life-Jordan are honoured to have been a part of this most worthy of endeavours, and hope one day to see it on display. Congratulations on its stunning success. Jordan

Your including us in this undertaking has been both a privilege and an inspiration.  To make students around the world aware of “possibilities” is truly a blessing. Suriname

Thank you very much for the certificate and the opportunity to have participated in such a wonderful project. We look forward to keeping in touch and following up on other Peace Projects, allowing our children to produce an impact on the world. Equador 

From all of us here in Swaziland, a big thank you to you and the Committee for the excellent work done and taking the cause of world peace to a new level. Keep the faith.  Swaziland

I feel art is the best way to exchange culture, traditions, expression and awareness among people, students, children from any race, country and religion … they are like a clay dough you can mould them and inculcate ideas and thoughts in them … this art project in London … for Olympics 2012 is a huge step towards bringing awareness to younger generations about peace and the current scenario in their respective countries … I feel so blessed that our school got selected and we are representing The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is just not an opportunity it’s a responsibility for us to work honestly, aesthetically and represent feelings and talk through medium of line, colour, and paint about PEACE WHICH IS SO VERY IMPORTANT IN the well being of the human race. I wish all my students good luck and  wish good luck to all the participants for their contribution towards this creative gesture:) Saudi Arabia

It was lovely being part of such a project. Malta

Many many thanks for letting us come to see the Peace Quilt. It was truly inspirational and astounding how much effort and work you have all put in to ensure the success of the project.The children were engaged and inspired and will be fascinated to absorb the story behind the Quilt when we look at the power point. A brilliant message which will remain with the children for a long time… Never give up on your dreams. I am so glad to have seen the Peace Quilt and all that it represents. A massive thank you to all involved. UK 

We all feel very proud and honoured to have been a part of this project and we, in fact, hope that this could continue with a visit of the peace quilt to our school in Groningen, the Netherlands. Globalisation plays an important role in our school and we think that the peace quilt will raise a more effective awareness in our students of the positive things we can accomplish when we all work together. We would like to do a project around the peace quilt in which we could work together with other schools in Groningen, but also with other schools abroad. Therefore, we really hope that you will consider us for a visit around April.We look forward to hearing from you again. The Netherlands 

Thanks so much for the information and for all the great updates. A great initiative and a great story. Denmark

Thank you so much for this wonderful recognition! I will present the certificate to our students. They will really love it!  Thanks again!  South Sudan

Namaste!  It was our pleasure to be part of your project.  It was great to work with you all. We wish you and your team for peace all the best from the land of Lord Buddha, Nepal. Thanks a lot. Nepal

Thank you so much for including us. Afghan children in Pakistan

I wanted to send a big big thank you because we are very very happy with the exhibition of the quilt… It’s a way to inspire students and teachers to see that among others we can do wonderful things! Everybody was very touched by the art of the children and they were surprised by the beauty of the quilt. The quilt is golden like peace … Argentina

As we approach the Olympics, the quilt will be displayed at various locations around the U.K. in the hope that it makes people reflect on those things which hold us together rather than those which drive us apart. It makes me proud to be a resident of the town which has instigated this quilt. Bill Suthers , Guisborough Ward Councillor, Redcar & Cleveland 

The Inspire programme is an Olympic and Paralympic first and projects like the International Peace Quilt will go down in the history books as one of the fantastic projects that used the power of the 2012 Games to inspire a generation. Jonathan Edwards Deputy Chair of the London 2012 Nations and Regions 


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