Tokyo 2020 Art Project

As in previous Olympic years we have invited schools to take part in an Olympic driven Truce Project.

For Tokyo 2020 we again invite schools across the world to take part in a new art project called the “Omotenashi” Schools Project. Project 2020

A couple of ideas were given thought but after much research the “Omotenashi” project seems the most fitting being in keeping with the Japanese culture and was a word relatively unknown before Christel Takigawa, the bid ambassador for the 2020 Games, used it in her Olympic bid address.

“Omotenashi” (sincere kindness) is a truly amazing word and has the power to help create a better and more peaceful world, one of the attributes of the Olympic Truce.

The word also has the power to cultivate public awareness of Japanese culture while promoting intercultural, international understanding and diversity.

It also embodies Japan’s spirit of mindful hospitality, in that very word, “Omotenashi” itself, supporting themes of Tokyo 2020.

Though this is not a word that is so easily defined. It means far more, a giving from the heart – the ‘selfless desire to take care of others’ without thought of anything in return. A respect, a love, excellence (showing respect without words), an attitude of humility, acceptance of one another, a shedding of the worldly self, being present in a state of calm, a really powerful way of being.

So for the purposes of this project, we believe we can experience “Omotenashi” in our lives anywhere in the world.

We would like students to spend some class time studying ideas of what “Omotenashi” could look like in their world, developing their understanding of this concept. How it appears in Japan, then look at how we replicate this in our own countries as I believe we do. We have given a couple of links to useful resources in the project guidelines.

We would like students to give us their experience of “Omotenashi” in art form for 2020, using this project as a way to serve peace, friendship, and understanding in the world, and in particular, to promote the Olympic Truce.

Once the designs/ drawings are submitted we will then create a digital quilt which will be posted across all our social media sites. 

Please check out the detailed guidelines at Omotenashi Project Guidelines

We are now accepting art work.

Please send your submissions to

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