ARGENTINA, Comercial N° 11 “Dr. José Peralta” School

Camila Gómez
Camila Gómez

Students of Comercial N° 11 “Dr. José Peralta” School in Argentina have submitted these wonderful designs. The first one has been drawn by Camila Gómez   1° 3° T.M. and was voted the piece to represent Argentina by the jury composed of the principal: Gabriela Gramont, the design professor: Sabrina Idaberry and the student: Carla Palermo, who made the drawing in  the 2012 SIPQ.

Camila’s quote reads: “Queremos la paz porque queremos ser felices”

“We all wish for peace because we want to be happy”

The first design above has been done by Aylén Chávez, Bárbara Junco,  Sheyla Alarcón, Micaela Medina, Abigail Namaka, Oriana  Fortuna and Milagros Balbuena  1°2° T.M. 

“Queremos la paz porque todavía hay esperanza”

“We all wish for peace because there is still hope”

The design alongside has been drawn by Bradly Navarro, Gustavo Cabral, Alexis Ibañez and Francisco Quispe 1°2° T.M.

“Queremos la paz porque queremos vivir mejor”

“We all wish for peace because we want to live better”

The first of these pictures has been drawn by Charly Choque Flores and Ricardo Tocón Cardozo. 

“Queremos paz en el mundo porque no queremos más guerras”

“We all wish for peace in the world because we don’t want more wars”

The next one is by Heber Barbieri and Thomás González  1°2° T.M.

“Queremos la paz porque no queremos más guerras”

We all wish for peace because we don’t want more wars”

Next in line we have a drawing by Martín Giménez  1°2° T.T. whose quote reads:

“Paz y amor. La unión hace la fuerza.”

“Peace & love. Unity makes strength”

Then we have La Paz by  Priscilla and Antonella Iabichella  1°2° T.M.

“Queremos la paz para que el mundo sea más tranquilo”

“We all wish for peace for the world to be peaceful”

8The final design has been created by Bárbara Ponce, Belén de María, María Ibañez y Franco Castro 1° 2° T.M.

“La paz exige cuatro condiciones esenciales: verdad, justicia, amor y libertad”

“Peace requires four essential conditions: truth, justice, love and freedom”.

A huge thank you to all those involved and to Paula Burd who coordinated the project for Argentina.

Interesting Argentine Flag Facts:
Argentines call the blue colour of their national flag ‘celeste’, which is the colour of the day sky seen from normal angles of sight.

When ceremonially carried, the Argentine flag and flag bearers are subject to certain particular and elaborate practices set by law and flags are always carried with at least two escorts.

Argentine’s flag bearers usually have to go through a screening process and in schools there is strong competition by students to achieve the honour. Often students with the best grades are chosen to be Argentine’s flag carriers.

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