MALTA, Xewkija Primary School

Join in the fun with schools across the world and Stride for Truce

Stride for truce programme school Malta(1)

Schools’ International Peace Quilt: Striding for TRUCE

Schools’ International Peace Quilt invite schools worldwide to join together in an Olympic themed project called ‘Stride for Truce’. The aim of Stride for TRUCE is to mobilise children all over the world for the promotion of the Olympic ideals of building a better and more peaceful world. The date chosen for this event is June 16th or a date as close to this as best fits in with respective school calendars.

The project style is based on past and present Olympic Races: 200 metres, 800 metres and 1500 metres taking the age of participants into account.

a. The Stadion Race founded in 776 BC Younger kids (kindergarten and 1st grade) to walk or jog 200 metres. The earliest measurement of the Stadion was 600 ancient feet or 192 metres).

b. The Diaulos Race founded in 724 BC Second grade and up, to walk or jog 800 metres. (The earliest measurement of the Diaulos was anywhere from 1400 to 4800 Greek feet).

c. The Dolichos Race founded in 720 BC This is a longer foot race and may be more appropriate for children over 12 or those with higher levels of fitness. The participants walk or jog 1500 metres. (The earliest measurement of this race would vary from 4409 feet to 15118.11 feet).

More information on event guidelines can be found on this site at

Or contact Schools International Peace Quilt group contact information @

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