UNITED KINGDOM St.Margaret Mary’s RC Primary School


Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith

Thank you so much to the students of St. Margaret Mary’s RC Primary School, Manchester UK for taking part in the 2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt project.

This first design has been drawn by Matthew Smith age 8 from year 3 who wrote: We all wish for peace because we want our world to be happy.

1.  “I think peace is all around the world and when people hold hands it shows the sign of peace.”
2. “I think peace is important because if there was no peace the whole world would always be in war.”
Amelia McCallum

The next drawing has been done by Amelia McCullum age 11.

Amelia says: We all wish for peace because innocent people are dying every day.

Amelia also wrote: “The news was on the telly, and it featured different countries at war.We will end up killing each other until there is no one left in the world.The world will die out because of nuclear bombs and things.”

Thank you to M Hall and all the staff in St. Margaret Mary’s RC Primary School who helped coordinate the project in this school.

British Flag History:
The British flag was adopted on January 1, 1801, making it one of the oldest flags in the world. The first British flag dates back to 1606 when it combined the flags of the Kingdoms of England and Scotland. Northern Ireland’s flag of St. Patrick was added in 1801 and completed the flag as we know it today. Wales isn’t represented separately on the flag because it had already been united with England by the time the first flag was formed in 1606.

The British flag’s more common name is the Union Jack.


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