AZERBAIJAN, Khazar University Dunya School

From Khazar University Dunya School in Azerbaijan we have received this lovely design created by Sitara Alizada in Grade 3.

2016 Azerbaijan Peace in picture - Sitara Alizada
Azerbaijan by Sitara Alizada

Sitara wrote: If we work as a team there will be peace and love everywhere.

Thank you to Sitara who incidently produced this design in one day for the 2016 art project. Well done.

Appreciation also to Rena Hasanova who helped us coordinate the project for Azerbaijan and without whose help and support we would not have representation for this country.

The flag of Azerbaijan was officially adopted on February 5, 1991.

After gaining its independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991, this flag, dating back to 1920, was hoisted for all to see. It features three equal horizontal bands of blue, red, and green. A crescent and eight-pointed star, symbols of Islam, are centered in the red band. The country had a long alliance with Turkey, and the blue color has long been associated with the Turkic peoples. Green is said to symbolize the strong European influences on local culture.



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