IRAQ, Junior Private School

2016 Iraq 1814

From the Junior Private School in Iraq we have received many designs. Thank you to each and every student for their lovely works. This first design has been drawn by Ali Sarwat Majed from Grade 7

2016 Iraq 1810 2016 Iraq 18092016 Iraq 1805

Next we have designs by Lano Xasraw Grade 4, Mina Abdullah Grade 6 and Aisha Sinan Taha Grade 7.

2016 Iraq Aaaa (2)   2016 Iraq 1828

The next two designs have been created by Zhir Omer Osman Grade 9 and Sara Jawad Mohmed Grade 7.

2016 Iraq 1802

Peace by Lara Ahmed Saleh in Grade 7

2016 Iraq 1817 a

Justice, Peace, Hope, Love, Joy, Happiness, Truce, Faith, Kindness by  Raz Kawa Grade 7.

2016 Iraq aaaaa (2)We care about Peace because we are the same by Aisha Sinan Taha Grade 7.

2016 Iraq 1800 2016 Iraq 1826  2016 Iraq 1816 Zanyar2016 Iraq 1822

Designs by Ali Sarwat Majed Grade 7, Meer Zana Grade 6, Zanyar Hama Zyad Grade 7 and Helen Hewa in Grade 4.

2016 Iraq 1818

Don’t let the behaviour of others destroy your inner Peace by Sarah Jawad in Grade 7

2016 Iraq 1831 Fatma

Peace of Earth drawn by Fatima Ali in Grade 6

2016 Iraq _1834 (2)  2016 Iraq 1812

 Two designs by Bana Aram Grade 6 and Nma Mahdi Aziz Grade 8.

2016 Iraq 1821 2016 Iraq 1806 2016 Iraq 1823

Thank you to Lazya Shaduman Grade 7, Zhala Omer Osman Grade 9 and Masty Mahmod Grade 9 for these drawings.

2016 Iraq 1829 a

Peace by Sara Jawad Mohmed Grade 7

2016 Iraq 1799

Peace is Life by Heshu Mohemed Grade 7

2016 Iraq 1801

Peace is our Life by Ali Sarwat Majed Grade 7.

  2016 Iraq 18152016 Iraq 18192016 Iraq 18244

Lovely designs by Rozi Wirya Grade 6, Sara Jawad Grade 7 and Masty Mahmod from Grade 4.

2016 Iraq 18302016 Iraq 1813

Well done to Fatma Ali Grade 6 for the first colourful design. The second piece has been done by Raza Kawa Grade 7.

Raza says: We are all a family together, No more war, live peace, live happily. Love each other, don’t fight, help others – Smile. Peace in Kurdistan.

 2016 Iraq 1825 2016 Iraq 1825552016 Iraq 18032016 Iraq 1811 a

Here we have designs by Sako Mahmud Faraj Grade 6 and Rawan Waqas Grade 4. The third design by Zhala Omer Osman Grade 9 shows her expression of peace with flowers coming from the gun, while design 4 by Anya Hawkar Grade 7 says ‘no more war’ within her dove design.

2016 Iraq 1798

Thank you to Banu Azad in Grade 8 for this descriptive design.

2016 Iraq 1807

‘Peace’ by Zhir Omer Osman Grade 9.

Special thanks to the schools Principal Ranj and Mr Herdi for coordinating the project in the Junior Private School in Iraq and to the many students who have done such a wonderful job with their designs.

2016 Iraq logo

Flag Description


The National Flag of Kurdistan consists of a tricolor field and central emblem. Red stands for the martyrs of Kurdistan and the continued struggle for freedom. White stands for peace, freedom and equality. Green stands for Kurdistan’s nature, mountains, life and vitality. The sun disk (“Rozh” “Roj” “Roush”) has 21 rays, equal in size and shape and represents bright and freedom.  The number 21 holds importance in the ancient Yazdani religious traditions of the Kurds.







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