SWEDEN, Stockholm International School



Thank you to Raphaelle Schenk aged 16 for this design from the Stockholm International School, Sweden.

Raphaelle’s design reads: We all wish for peace because we want equality

Raphaelle further explains her motivation behind her lovely drawing.

What was on your mind when you were creating your drawing?

I was thinking about a world where everyone is equal. The bird represents equality and freedom.

Why do you think peace is important?

Peace is important internationally because without it, the world would be chaos. Peace allows us to grow together, happily, as individuals and a population.

A heartfelt thank you to Ms Deidre Smith, Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) coordinator grade 11 and to the team of  senior students who helped to organise the project in the Stockholm International School. We are delighted to have young people of Sweden included in the 2016 International Peace Quilt.

Swedish Flag Meaning:
The Swedish flag was officially adopted in 1906 and is made up of a yellow cross on a blue background. The flag is likely based on the flag of Denmark; while the yellow and blue originate from the Swedish Coat of Arms which features three yellow crowns on a blue base. The cross, common to most Scandinavian flags, represents Sweden’s link to the other Scandinavian countries.

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