PERU,La Union School

2016 Peru DRAWING

From the La Union School in Lima, Peru we have received this symbolic design which has been drawn by a 15 year old female student.

We all wish for peace because we want a world without wars and better education globally.

This student went on the answer the following questions.

  1. What was on your mind when you were creating your drawing?

I was thinking that we have to work together to make peace possible around the world. In my drawing I drew people holding the world, to show how important it is to be united.

2. Why do you think peace is important?

I think peace is important because everybody is living in a state of panic due to the terrorist attacks around the world. Many people are fighting each other and when people fight, they die and there is a lot of sadness. Peace gives us happiness and we become better people in many aspects.

A big thank you to Maria Esther Linares, Head of English for coordination of the project in Peru and to all other staff and students involved.

Peruvian Flag Meaning:
The red stripes represent the blood spilt for Peruvian freedom; while the white stands for peace

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