GABON, Ecole Ruban Vert

From Gabon we welcome this huge selection of drawings from the students of Ecole Ruban Vert. Well done to each and everyone!

Gabon 2016 Vanina

Vanina Sezaloryyr in year 8 shares her message: We all wish for peace because we need a better world without conflicts, to develop our world.

Two more designs by Yelena in Year 7 and Zoe in Year 8.

Yelena says: We all wish for peace because it avoids wars.

1.What was on your mind when you were creating your drawing?

It’s a bird released in the air gliding.

2.Why do you think peace is important?

Peace is important because without it nothing positive can be done. Life is meaningless without peace for humans, animals and plants.

Zoe wrote: We all wish for peace because everyone deserves to live in peace with each other.

  1. What was on your mind when you were creating your drawing? I was thinking about Libreville, and how freed slaves travelled here and founded a new city where they could all live in peace. I decided that this was important to show when talking about peace in Gabon, and so I drew people of different ages, to represent the fact that no matter how you look or what age you are, you deserve peace. I drew the hands reaching up to show that all people have the right to aspire towards a future where all nations are in peace.

2. Why do you think peace is important? Peace is vital to develop and grow as a person, as a group, as a nation, as a planet. Without peace we cannot live a good life. Peace brings hope and the prospect of a better tomorrow. If we can all learn to live in peace, who knows what we will be able to do?

These next designs have been drawn by Iona, Nashe, Miriam, Joséphine, Maryam and Jiyun.

Iona says: We all wish for peace because we are stronger than ever together.

Top right and Nashe says: We all wish for peace because… TOGETHER WE ARE ONE!

Next and Miriam’s quote is: We all wish for peace because life is too short to fight.

Third down on the right, we have Joséphine’s design: We all wish for peace because we all wish for freedom and love.

Joséphine went on to answer the questions:

  1. What was on your mind when you were creating your design?  When I was drawing my picture I thought of religion and how every religion was connected to each other. I also thought of how we shouldn’t have war because of religions,  because every religion has one thing in common, it is that every religion believes in one God. This God doesn’t say to make war because of Him. He is here to bring Peace and every God of every religion loves everyone, even if they don’t believe in him.

2. Why do you think peace is important?

Peace is important because it is the opposite of war. If we don’t do Peace we explode the earth because if no one starts doing peace then everybody will start doing war and kill the innocent. Everybody is innocent and war is not a solution. Violence doesn’t help. Peace is not only stopping war but it is also being equal, no racism and not putting people a part from a group or person.

Bottom left and we have Maryam’s design: We all wish for peace because war is not the solution for solving problems.

  1. Well first I thought about peace. And I came up with the earth that is hurt because of war. Then I thought about a hand that makes a heart, trying to help the earth. The Alien for me is different types of people and nationalities, because alien is an imaginary organism, so it can represent whichever you want.
  2. Peace is important because war can not solve your problems. By making war, you make more problems, because by trying to solve problems with violence, you make even more of them.

And finally in this section we have Jiyun’s design. Jiyun says: We all wish for peace because we want to be friends together.

1.In my mind I had some wishes. I want all people to stick together. If we stick together we can create abundance. We can solve our worries. I saw a TV show about a peace promise where everyone became very friendly and exchanged a lot of things, like we do with our friends. So I was thinking about the peace promise of being friends together. Also, I put different people which represent nationalities. I want to say that there are no rules that we can’t be friends with other nationalities. And when I was thinking about this, I thought about peace. For me the word peace means to be “Happy”. I am very happy when I am with my friends. Being in an international school, I think about nationality. When I meet a new friend from another nationality, I want to know more interesting things about their country. So when I was creating my drawing, I wanted to put my own story which can effect change for other people.

2. Peace is important because it gets rid of our fear. For example in Asia, there are conversations about a country shooting missiles. They are scared it might come to war. Because they don’t have peace they are frightened. Fear makes the situation worse. It is important to have peace so we are all happy and not sad or tired of fighting each other.

Above are designs drawn by Adan, Ailsa, Aananya, Alexia, Arnav and Bhadra.

Adan says: I wish for peace because I love life.

To the right of Adan’s design is one from Ailsa in year 5 who wrote: We all wish for peace because war is not a solution.

  1. Peace to me means kindness, no war and fair trade. You don’t have to be best friends but you should still be able to get along. You don’t have to play in the playground together, you just shouldn’t fight when you are together or even not together. Even friends have a few disagreements sometimes but you always get over them. I think it should be the same with war, you have a disagreement – so what, it’s just part of your life, get over it and move on. The one thing I don’t understand is why some grown ups can’t understand that it’s one fight – get over it. I think the thing is that some people are self-righteous and in a war they fight because the people are self- righteous and they just want their idea to be the one they are going to use. And that is why I think people are a bit stubborn.

2. When I was drawing the picture, I was thinking about the peace between war and peace and the things that could represent peace, the different ways to draw peace.

Second on the left is Aananya’s design. I wish for peace because peace is tranquillity, happiness and harmony.

Second on the right is Alexia’s drawing. We all wish for peace because if everyone wants peace, we will live in harmony. I choose peace and you?

1.While drawing my picture, I thought of peace in the world. The hand represents peace as a symbol. In the street when a friend gives their hand, I say: Peace my brother or my sister. Its a very popular sign. Below the hand in my drawing is the peace symbol, you can see this symbol everywhere, maybe on a necklace, earring or tattoo. Peace and love can be discovered everywhere, on a shirt during a peace demonstration, on placards where peace and love is written. I also drew mickey mouse because mickey mouse is a celebrity and very popular with children. Therefore if mickey mouse chooses peace, children will follow.

2.Peace is very important for the world because without it we would have to live in a world of war and chaos. But if we choose peace, we will live in a world of peace and kindness.

The next design has been created by Arnav. We all wish for peace because we have the right to a brighter future.

And finally Bhadra’s design from year 10. We all wish for peace because the more united we are, the stronger.

I thought of the white dove and the circular peace sign because they both represent peace. I also included the flags of where I come from and where I live.

These next four drawings have been created by Durva, Hrishika, Désiré and Kayla.

Durva says: We all wish for peace because war is wrong.

Hrishika says: We all wish for peace because we don’t want people to get injured.

Désiré in Year 9 wrote: Peace is important because peace is affection and security;  in children,  it is joy and discovery; in adolescents peace can translate into confidence, agreement, contact with nature; for adults, peace is being in a stable job, at home, at leisure; in the elderly, peace becomes an emotional feeling and a sense of security.

I drew while I was thinking about another form of representation of peace than the usual form. I wanted to try to make an original form representing peace through art.

Kayla wrote: Je me suis dit que la France et le Gabon pouvai entetre de meilleurs amis

La paix est importante pour moi parce que quand on fait la bagarre il peut y avoir des morts et des blessés

This next selection of drawings have been done by Padraic, Rishith, Mohammed, Jasmine and Victoria  

Padraic says: We all wish for peace because it brings happiness.

Rishith says: We all wish for peace because it solves all the problems.

Mohammed’s quote: We all wish for peace because we feel happy.

  1. In my mind I wanted to add good colour to help you understand peace. I also added plants and beautiful houses which are peaceful.
  2. Peace is important because nobody that kills anyone feels happy.

The next message from Jasmine Stapleton in yr 5 says: We all wish for peace because … is not the solution.

Victoria’s drawing shares the message, We all wish for peace because a peaceful world is better than a chaotic one.

1.I was thinking how yoga is so peaceful so that is what I drew

2.I think peace is important because if their wasn’t any peace at all in the world, there would be wars everywhere. 

The final designs have been created by Winona, Lily, Hilary and Fatima

Winona’s message: We all wish for peace because we do not want war, we want peace. War creates fights. And we must all support peace.

Lily says: We all wish peace because war hurts people.

Hilary in year 8 shares her thoughts: Peace, we need to be nice to each other, and we will escape war. Peace!!! Polite, effort, ambition, cheerful, excellence. We all wish for peace because it can change the world.

And finally Fatima’s piece. We all wish for peace because it brings love and happiness and it brings us together. Together we are stronger.

I am sure everyone will agree we have received some amazing work from the students of Gabon. Thank you to each and every one and to Madhuchhanda Banerji, Head of Sciences & IBDP Coordinator for coordination of the project in Ecole Ruban Vert.

Gabon Flag Meaning:
The flag represents Gabon’s geographical position in the world. The yellow stripe through the middle of the flag represents the equator which runs through Gabon, and it also represents the sun. The colour blue represents the Atlantic Ocean which laps Gabon’s shores, and the colour green symbolizes the country’s lush vegetation and forests.



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