ARMENIA, Ayb School

Armenia by Alisa AleksanyanFrom Armenia we have received a number of artistic designs from the Ayb School in Yerevan.  This first drawing has been created by Alisa Aleksanyan in 12th grade.

We all wish for peace because we want to create and not to destroy

1.When I was drawing, I remembered the story how Noah sent a dove and how it brought back good news announcing that the flood was over and everything was peaceful. Thus, I wanted to draw the dove and the Earth defended in leaves which is said to be the good surrounding us.

2. As for me, it is important for the mind to stay in harmony with surroundings and not to be overwhelmed with the negative of war and hate. Peace is important for having a world full of love which can be a stimulus to create and develop.


Armenia Hasmik Hakobyan 10th GradeThis second design has been drawn by Hasmik Hakobyan in 10th grade.

We all wish for peace because we love our life

1.When I was drawing my picture, I was thinking” Why do people want to solve their problems by fighting if they can just come to an agreement without fighting, in a polite way?”

2. Peace is important, because it brings us life and a healthy society. And also I think that the most important thing is our life, which is safe when there is Peace in the world.

Armenia by David GrigoryanThe third design has been drawn by David Grigoryan in 7th grade

David’s quote: We all wish for peace because a lot of people get killed during war.

1. The good and the evil always will be together, but if good prevails it will transform evil into good and peace will be dominant in the world.
2. Peace is important as it allows people to live in stability, prosperity and to avoid grievances of witnessing the death of their loved ones.


Armenia Naira KhachatryanThe next design has been done by Naira Khachatryan in 10th grade.

We all wish for peace to sleep calm…

1. When I drew, I was thinking that people always think before sleeping, and if their life is peaceful they won’t have bad and negative thoughts and can sleep calm, so I drew a sleeping girl.

2. Peace is important, because everyone needs it to enjoy life, without peace people are afraid every minute, they are afraid to have losses, to lose our family, our friends, our relatives, people are restless. So we need peace to live calm and balanced. —

Armenia 2016 Elen%20Nahapetyan_%2010th%20gradeThis colourful piece has been done by Elen Nahapetyan  Grade 1.

We all wish for peace because we appreciate our lives

 1. When I was creating my picture I was thinking about war, the opposite of peace, because in my opinion we need to stop war to have peace, that’s why half of my picture are pictures connected with war and the other part the words that I associate with Peace.

2. Peace is one of the most important things that we need especially now. How many times we see on TV where lots of people died. So we need to stop it, and to do it we need to appreciate our and other’s lives.

Armenia Tatev Karakhanian

Tatev Karakhanian in 11th grade wrote:

We all wish for peace because we are all living creatures 

1. During the creation of my drawing, I was thinking about the unity of all countries. The unity is the only way to keep peace in the world. In my drawing the olive branch leaves are different countries, symbolizing the unity.

2. Just imagine that your hometown will be destroyed and the people whom you love will be killed. Surely every person is afraid of this thought. So, peace is the most important thing in the world.

Armenia Maxim Tunyan 7th Grade

Maxim Tunyan in 7th grade wrote:

 1. I was thinking about peace in the world, police with the helicopter in my picture is for keeping people safe.

2. Peace is important because if there was peace in the world there wouldn’t be wars, crimes…

Armenia Vardges Voskanyan Vardges Voskanyan also in 7th grade wrote:

 1. I was thinking about space of peace while drawing.

2. Peace is important because if there was no peace, we would not have our world.


Armenia Nane Arshakyan

Nane Arshakyan of 11th grade wrote:

We all wish for peace because we are children…

“Every time you drop a bomb You kill the god your child has born”

When there is no peace there are wars, and because of it lots of children are poor and have no parents; lots of children have already died. Peace is important because we have the right to live.

Armenia by Tatevik Martirosyan

Well done to Tatevic Martirosyan in 10th grade for this descriptive design.


Armenia Svata MnatsakanyanAnother lovely drawing from Svata Mnatsakanyan in 11th grade who says:

We all wish for peace because… we want to live

Armenia by Sveta AbrahamyanSveta Abrahamyan in 11th grade wrote:

We all wish for peace because humanity without peace is like a human without a soul

1. I was thinking about peace not being something that exists only when accepted by a crowd or something that can be established by a group of people, but as something that starts to blossom inside of us and belongs to each human individually.

2. Peace is important because a person that is in peace with himself/herself can and will make a change.

A huge thank you to all the students involved and to Marie Adamyan, Art teacher  for coordinating the International Peace Quilt in the Ayb School, Armenia. What amazing designs and thought provoking writings, well done everyone!

Interesting Armenian Flag Facts:
The Armenian flag was officially adopted in 1990. It is is said to be karmir, kappoyt, narndjagooyn, an eastern Armenian pronunciation, which translates exactly into “red, blue, and orange.”

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