BAHRAIN,St. Christophers School

Umaiza Ahmad
Umaiza Ahmad

From St. Christopher’s School in Bahrain we have received this lovely design which has been done by Umaiza Ahmad in Year 6.

Well done to Umaiza who says: We all wish for peace because it lightens the way to happiness!

Thank you to Rola AlHammoud Teacher of Mathematics / Head of Year 13, our senior school link and to Primary School link, Deina Dales for promoting and coordinating the project in the school. Special thanks to all staff and students who have given their valuable time to the International Peace Quilt.

St-Chris-S_thumb The values and concepts that guide our school are not easy to summarise briefly, but the constituent words of what we call the St Christopher’s ‘S’- Caring, Learning, Communicating – say a lot about what we are, especially when considered together with our Five Pillars of Learning, that we have adapted and expanded from ideas to be found in the four aspects of learning described in a report to UNESCO by Jacques Delors. Our Mission Statement helps to complete the picture!


Bahrain Flag Meaning:
The triangles on the white serrated stripe represent the five pillars of Islam. The colour red is supposed to represent the Kharijite sect of Islam. Bahrain’s older flags used to be entirely red, but a white stripe was added in the 19th Century to indicate truces Bahrain had made with neighboring countries. The serrated triangles were added to the white strips to distinguish the Bahranian flag from the flags of its neighboring countries.


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