RUSSIA, Moscow School

Tryashina Polina
Tryashina Polina

From Moscow, Russia we have received four designs from students aged ten giving their wish for Peace. This first one has been drawn by Tryashina Polina.

We all wish for peace because if we are all together we will be happy

Sonya Smirnova
Sonya Smirnova

This second design has been done by Sonya Smirnova

We all wish for peace because it’s a key to a happy world

Russia 20141230_094118

We all wish for peace because we want good moments of life.

We all want this! We all wish Peace.

Dennis Kiruchin
Dennis Kiruchin

We all wish for peace because we don’t want to see people killed

Special thanks to Inna Kotova the project coordinator, to all staff and students in this Russian school for participating in the 2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt Project.

Flag Meaning

The Russian flag was re-adopted in 1991 after being adopted in 1883 up to the Russian Revolution in 1917 when it was replaced. The design of the Russian flag is based on the flag of the Netherlands. The Russian flag has also inspired the flags of many Slavic nations of Europe, and the colours are often referred to as the pan-Slavic colours. There is no official meaning of the Russian flag but some Russians believe the following: In Russia the white symbolizes generosity and frankness; blue stands for loyalty, honesty and wisdom; red means courage, magnanimity and love. Many people also believe red represents Russian people, blue represents the Ukrainians, and white represents the Belo Russians.

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