TURKMENISTAN, Ashgabat International School

21 Apr

Aliff Amar

Aliff Amar

Thank you so much to all the young children from The Ashgabat International School in Turkmenistan for these lovely designs.

This first design has been created by Aliff Amar in Grade 6

Nisa Zainal

Nisa Zainal

This second design has been done by Nisa Zainal from Grade 5

Spread Peace  by the Children of Turkmenistan

Spread Peace
by the Children of Turkmenistan

Here we have every students design joined together in this wonderful piece. Their wishes are truly heartfelt.

Following are a selection of quotes from Turkmenistan:

We all wish for Peace because Peace increases the value of Love by Alisya age 12.

We want Peace because we want our relations to stay with us.

We all wish for peace because it is what the World needs right now. We need Peace from you.

Peace is always beautiful.

We all wish for peace because WE ARE HUMANS.

Peace, it does not mean to be in a place where there is noise, trouble, or hardwork. It means to be in the midst of those things and STILL BE CALM IN YOUR HEART. 

We all wish for peace because kids cry for it.

We all wish for peace because war doesn’t help anything.

I wish for peace to keep my family safe.

I wish for peace because peace silences war and brings the key of life.

Let all wish for Peace because with it the world stays strong.

We all wish for peace because the world could really use some.

I wish for Peace because Peace brings change for the better.

I want Peace so we are happy!

Peace is important in our World. If no peace, no world by Shaun

Love peace forever so it never ends by Dasha

We all wish for Peace!  by Lisa

A huge thank you to everyone in this school for their wonderful wishes, especially to Melissa Stalker for coordinating the project for the school and to all the staff involved. We are also very grateful to receive these strong and thoughtful messages for Peace from all these wonderful children. Thank you.

Turkmenistan Flag Description

The flag of Turkmenistan consists of a green base with a vertical stripe on the left side that features five carpet designs above two olive branches. There is a white crescent moon and five white, five-point stars to the top right of the stripe.

The art of Carpet weaving in Turkmenistan has been present for over a thousand years. Its importance is represented in the flag which incorporates five of the country’s basic patterns (called ‘guls’ locally). In the mid-1990s Turkmenistan declared a policy of permanent neutrality and a pair of olive branches, like those on the United Nations flag, was added to the Turkmenistan flag to represent this. The green base represents Islam and the crescent symbolizes a bright future and hope. The five stars symbolize the five regions or Turkmenistan as well as the five human senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. The five carpet designs represent the traditions of the country and are a national symbol.

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