D Figueroa
Daniela Figueroa

We welcome these great designs from the Saint George School Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. The winning design (above) has been drawn by Daniela Figueroa age 14.

Daniela says: We all wish for peace because without it, we won’t progress.

A Seravalle
Andrea Seravalle
This second design has been created by Andrea Seravalle age 15.                                                                           
Andrea says: We all wish for PEACE so we can LIVE free.
G Marquez
Gabriella Marquez

Gabriella Marquez age 14 has done this creative design.

Gabriella says:  We all wish for Peace because Peace gives us wings and it frees our world.

M Welle
Maiah Welle

The fourth design has been drawn by Maiah Welle age 15.

Maiah says: We wish for peace because we want to stop war.

A big thank you to all students and staff involved in the school’s art competition for the 2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt project. Many thanks to Victoria Yoh, Visual Arts for coordinating the project in the school. Additional thank you to Valinda Vasquez, Director of International Projects for her valued support.

“Where the Spirit does not work with the hand, there is no Art” -Leonardo Da Vinci

Dominican Republic Flag Meaning:
The blue in the Dominican Republic flag stands for liberty; the colour red for the fire and bloodshed of the struggle for independence; and the white cross symbolizes the sacrifice of the people.


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