MOROCCO, CAS Casablanca American School

Hamid Sabri
Hamid Sabri

The winning design received from CAS Casablanca American School in Morocco. This design has been wonderfully created by Hamid Sabri aged 14. Hamid also gives his insightful views on Peace.

Hamid says: We all wish for peace because some of us don’t…

What was in your mind when you were creating your drawing?

While I drew my artwork, I had a lot of mixed feelings roaming through my head. I felt sad, and happy during the whole time. When I was drawing I thought of the innocent,  the lives that were taken away during wars which allowed me to be sad. I thought of the years since a major world war, that has taken millions of lives which made me happy. I aimed for a mixed piece, which reflected my feelings about peace in this world.
Why do you think peace is important?
In my opinion, there will never be peace. Peace is like a delicious piece of cake, at one point it is a delicacy and amazing but when you finish that piece you’re left with nothing. Peace is that piece of cake, being a delicacy. Something that happens once, and never stays for a long period of time. Once the period of peace is over, war will wager on. In all honesty, peace is an addition to our lives which all of us want but we all know will not last forever.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2016 competition in this school, to Mr. Mauricio Benavides, art teacher, to Hamid for the winning design and to all other students involved.                                                                                                                                                                          
Moroccan Flag Description:
The flag of Morocco consists of a red base with a green outlined, five-point star known as the ‘Seal of Solomon’ in the center of it.
Moroccan Flag Meaning:
Green and red are traditional colours of Islam, which is Morocco’s official religion. Red is also the color of the reigning Moroccan dynasty. The Seal of Solomon represents the link between God and the nation.
Interesting Moroccan Flag Facts:
The Moroccan flag remained unchanged when the sultanate of Morocco was restored by the two colonial rulers of France and Spain, and independence was granted in 1956. A year later, the sultan became a king and Morocco became a kingdom.

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