LEBANON, International College of Beirut – Elementary School

27 Mar

Representing the Lebanon and the International College of Beirut – Elementary School,  in Ras Beirut and Ain Aar, we have this wonderful selection of drawings and paintings done by some amazing 7 and 10 year olds. Well done to them and a thank you to everyone involved.

Amer Machmouchi

Amer Machmouchi

We all wish for peace because without peace earth would be a disaster by Amer Machmouchi age 10

Sacha Ghosn

Sacha Ghosn

We all wish for peace to have a beautiful family and life by Sacha Ghosn age 10

Kristin Kharat

Kristin Kharrat

We all wish for peace because then we will be safe by Kristin Kharrat age 10


Aya El Tibi

Keep Calm and Love Peace by Aya El Tibi age 10

Ghina Arayssi

Ghina Arayssi

Peace is Life by Ghina Arayssi age 7

Lyana- bou- Hamad

Lyana Bou Hamad

Peace by Lyana Bou Hamad age 7


Mark Joe Khalife

We all wish for peace because we want to love each other by Mark Joe Khalife age 7

Mustafa Hariri

Mustafa Hariri

We need Peace all over the world by Mustafa Hariri age 7

Nouria- Felder

Nouria Felder

We need peace because we want to live with our friends by Nouria Felder age 7

Talia-Al- Ahdab

Talia Al  Ahdab

Peace is life by Talia Al Ahdab age 7


Zoe Annan

Peace by Zoe Annan age 7

Karen Nahle

Karen Nahle

Peace of Lebanon by Karen Nahle age 10

Ralph Skaff

Ralph Skaff

We all wish for peace because with peace all the world will be safe and not at war by Ralph Skaff age 10

Rhea - Karameh

Rhea Karameh

We all wish for peace because we don’t like war by Rhea Karameh age 10

Tamara-El- Khazen

Tamara El Khazen

We all wish for peace because we want to live Free by Tamara El Khazen age 10

Tara Melhen

Tara Melhem

We all wish for peace because it makes us happy by Tara Melhem age 10

Lara Feghali

Lara Feghali

We wish for peace because we need to be happy by Lara Feghali age 7

Chiara Tabet age 10

Chiara Tabet

Peace for everyone by Chiara Tabet age 10

Karim Bahri

Karim Bahri

We all wish for peace because if there is war all the countries will be destroyed by Karim Bahri age 10

Luna Muallen

Luna Muallem

We all wish for peace because we are the same people by Luna Muallem age 10

Nour Fawaz

Nour Fawaz

Peace is the key to happiness by Nour Fawaz age 10

Tamara Maad

Tamara Maad

We all wish for peace because we need a safe life – All you need is Peace by Tamara Maad age 10

What an amazing job by all concerned. This school inspires learners of today to be global citizen leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you all and especially to Samia Nasr Boulad for coordinating such a big project in your school. Additional thanks also to art teachers Mrs. Layla Hamasni and Mrs. Lara Mansour.  All your work is much appreciated.

Flag Description

The flag of Lebanon consists of two equal-sized red horizontal stripes that are placed at the top and bottom of the flag. In between the red stripes is a white stripe that is equal in size to the red stripes. In the middle of the flag and white stripe there is an image of a green cedar tree.

The cedar tree represents peace, immortality and tolerance. The red stripes symbolize martyrdom and self-sacrifice, and the white represents the snow-capped peaks of Lebanon’s mountains. Historically, red and white have symbolized the Kayssites (red) and the Yemmenites (white), who were opposing clans within the Lebanese territory between 634 and 1711.


2 Responses to “LEBANON, International College of Beirut – Elementary School”

  1. Lina Mouchantaf March 31, 2015 at 11:15 #

    What a creative and collaborative way to create a more peaceful world! Our learners really expressed what we all believe in. May their words and drawings contribute to World Peace!

    • Trish Booth March 31, 2015 at 11:25 #

      Thank you Lina, you have all done an amazing job! All staff and students included.

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