PORTUGAL, Vale Verde International School

15 Mar

Siena Toi Year 6

Siena Toi Year 6

Here we have the entry from the Vale Verde International School in the Algarve representing Portugal. The children were given an opportunity to create designs for the quilt during their Art lessons and Clare Jones, Head of Primary has sent us their best design.

Siena Toi in Year 6 created this picture – She wrote:

1. What was in your mind when you were creating the drawing?

“When I was drawing I thought we need peace, look at what has happened to this world”

2. Why do you think peace is important?

“It is important because
war = kill
peace = happy”
Siena’s quote reads: We all wish for peace because GOD gave us life.
Thank you so much to Clare, all the staff, Siena and all students for their participation.


Portuguese Flag Meaning:
The red section represents the Portuguese revolution of 1910 and the green represents hope. The white shield consists of five blue shields with five white dots. The blue shields represent the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques I, victory over five Moorish kings and the divine assistance he received to do so is represented by the five dots, which symbolize the five wounds of Christ. Arranged in a cross the shields represent Christianity. The red border featuring seven castles symbolizes the extension of Portugal’s territory to include the Algarve. Behind the arms there is a navigational instrument, an armillary sphere. It celebrates Prince Henry the Navigator, who initiated the maritime exploration that led to Portugal’s one time colonial empire.


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