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We welcome this design from Razani Akther aged 6 who attends the Mother Rytasha School in Bangladesh. Thank you so much to Mother Rytasha, the teachers in the schools and the young pupils themselves for taking part in the Schools International Peace Quilt Project.

Razani’s quote in Bengali is only,  “I want Peace “

“Our  children have so much enjoyed doing your project. They had never drawn before or had crayons or papers and they loved it.  I think they did very well for first timers and being so young. I thank you for introducing them to a whole other world.” Mother Rytasha

 We are very thankful to have these children involved.

In nine years, Food Relief International founded by Mother Rytasha has helped start about 20 schools, provided food to earthquake victims in India, set up community clinics in rural areas such as Ramsara village in Bangladesh and created self-sufficiency programs for villagers. 

Additional special note

It is with great sadness that we hear of Mother Rytasha’s passing on December 8th 2014 after her fight against cancer. She had just one message – Love. Having a great love of children she wished us well with this project. She also had a hope that the Schools International Peace Quilt would be exhibited to the UN. Maybe one day that hope/wish will come true. She will be sorely missed, especially in the places and amongst the people where she helped so much. A truly loving and humble person.


Bangladeshi Flag Meaning:
The green base color of the Bangladesh flag symbolizes the greenery of Bangladesh with its vitality and youthfulness. The red circle represents the rising sun and the blood as well as the sacrifices that the Bangladesh people have made in order to gain independence.

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