Saint George School, Dominican Republic “Displays the Quilt”

Dominican RepublicWe are delighted that the Schools’ International Peace Quilt has eventually made it to the Saint George  School in the Dominican Republic. Though its itinerary here has been very much curtailed due to customs problems in other countries, we are still glad that the students here have been able to view the quilt and children’s art work. This is very much down to the persistence of Valinda Valdez, Director of International Projects/School Development for whom we are very thankful especially as it was her vision in the first place for the quilt to visit The Caribbean.

Saint George School Quilt  visit

It is good to hear that this school and the St. Patrick school in Santo Domingo are interested to take part in the 2016 quilt project. Their participation is very welcome, as is every other school around the world.

Saint George School

Special thanks also to Mr. Benavides, Art Dept Head for sending on the wonderful pictures and for coordinating the quilt display.

“As you may know, we are exposing the Peace Quilt in Saint George School, Dominican Republic in our multi purpose room during this week, our “Semana por la vida” week. Here are some pictures of our middle school kids visiting the quilt. Its an honor to work with you on this special peace movement. Can’t wait to start the new one.” Mr. Benavides

Domincan Republic  064Congratulations again to Mary Liang who created this wonderful design which represents the young people of the Dominican Republic on the Schools’ International Peace Quilt.

We all wish for peace because it is a state of mind in which we can all accept each other as EQUAL.

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