Redcar and Cleveland Regional Drawing Competition

Results of the Redcar & Cleveland Regional Drawing Competition
(part of the wider SIPQ project).

In the secondary school section of the Redcar & Cleveland Drawing Competition (part of the wider Schools’ International Peace Quilt project), Sarah Maxwell, who attends the Laurence Jackson School, in Guisborough, had three pictures selected for the top spot and one in  particular went on to achieve: FIRST PLACE.

An Interview with Sarah Maxwell

Maz: The theme was to express, through visual art, what peace meant to you. Where did your idea/inspiration come from Sarah, and what were your thoughts whilst drawing the picture?

Sarah: I thought of protection and a peaceful foundation for the future. When I designed my first entry of a brick wall with a faint face, that to me, represented humankind.

LJ Design

Sarah : I thought of flowers, lilies and associated them with peace for my second entry. Then I combined the lily with a lady’s face that I thought expressed longing for peace.

Laurence J

My third entry won regional and this was based on dreaming. On seeing an extremely old painting of a woman sleeping, I thought not only was sleep a peaceful and relaxing representation, but dreaming is synonymous with hope and peace. Perhaps dreaming for a more peaceful future. Using my own choice of media I created an interpretation of what I had seen. I used three different fine liners; black, dark grey and light grey to create a tonal effect. I liked the way the material trailed down in spirals in the image and capturing that in my three different shades was interesting. I wanted to try capturing the beauty of the image again, as to me: it is a visual Art that depicts peace in a unique and symbolic way.


Maz: Can you tell us a little more about your ten day work placement/experience?

Sarah: Unfortunately I only had a five day work placement, which was saddening as I enjoyed it so much. I was placed at Nunthorpe Academy in the Art Block to spend my week helping out as much as possible and getting a chance to work with students. I did a lot of example work for students to use for ideas such as: three chalk drawings of African masks and a lot of work regarding their upcoming induction day. I had an opportunity to work with small year 8 classes. I came to realize how happy I could be just from spending every day doing Art. Art is always unique and expressive.

Maz: What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

Sarah: I would like to undertake a Degree in Fine Art. I’m not sure where the future will take me but I would like Art to be the most significant component in my life.

Janice and Sarah


Janice Middleton, SIPQ team member,
presenting Sarah with her: First Place
Certificate; winning prize of £25 and a
Hessian SIPQ bag






Sarah Maxwell and Art teacher Declan Finn.DSC06817


Sarah Maxwell pictured with her Art teacher,
Mr Declan Finn.




Redcar & Cleveland Regional Junior School Results

Lily Garbutt from Bankfields School, in Eston, is the overall winner of the regional junior section. Although submissions were of a high standard, Lily’s drawing had expressed her creativity in quite a unique way.

Bankfields Primary School

The illustrated musical notation for example, together with the words fire and flame written  in a circle near the centre, gave it additional depth. It led one interpreter to think of the London 2012 Olympic Games. An Olympic Torch was also suggested. The picture went on to evoke yet more magical interpretations. When the picture is being rotated to view the peace and love symbols, whilst simultaneously reading the words, this gave the impression of a globe rotating on its axis; a harmonious globe being wound up to release the sound effects of music. Overall, there is a lot of imagination and creative thought in Lily’s picture, which expressed a visually striking image with its combination of rich colours and symbolism.

Janice and Lily


Pictured is Janice Middleton,team member of the SIPQ, who presented Lily with her: First Place Certificate; winning prize of £25 and a Hessian SIPQ bag.






Lily and her family


Lily’s proud family: back row from left to right are John (Lily’s Granddad); Andrew and Angela Garbutt

(Lily’s parents); Nana Iris and Nana Val. Front row
from left to right is Lily Garbutt and her sisters
Megan and Grace.

Written by Marilyn Sylvester

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