GUINEA, SOS Villages d’Enfants Guinée

Guinea Dessin d'art EIHG Conakry (2)Guinea Dessin d'art EIHG Conakry (1)

How great it is to receive wishes for peace from the children of Guinea. We thank all the children from the three different schools for taking part in the project.

The first design has been created by Abdoulaye age 14 and this piece depicts friendships between the children from all over the world.

The second drawing has been done by Bob Malick Kata age 13. This drawing shows peace as living in the world with alive animals.

Guinea Dessin d'art EIHG Conakry (3)Guinea Dessin d'art EIHG Kankan

This third piece has been drawn by Madeleine 14 years old.   This shows peace & reconciliation in the country with all community memberships.

The fourth design from the school in Kankan has been done by Mohamed Sangaré who is 9 years old.

Guinea kg vesos nz dessin d'enfants sur la paix 5

Guinea kg vesos nz dessin d'enfants sur la paix 12

The fifth design has been done by a child 5 years old.

The sixth picture has been done by Maria  age  6. Very well done to them both.

Guinea, Dessin d'art EIHG Kankan (2)

Guinea Dessin d'art EIHG Kankan (3)

The seventh picture shows how peace is communication and sharing in the family and community.

The eight piece has been created by  Issiaga Doumbouya who is 16 years old.

Guinea kg vesos nz dessin d'enfants sur la paix 19

The final design received from Guinea has been done by Aly age 4. Very well done to Aly.

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. ~Stacia Tauscher

Special thanks to Mr. Fadjmba Tounkara, National Education Adviser, and his team, for coordinating various SOS Guinea projects so children in Guinea have their voice in the young people`s message for peace. It was a very pleasant surprise to receive drawings on peace and love from the kids and children of Conakry, Kankan and N`Zerekore. We really appreciate it.

Guinea Flag Meaning:
Sékou Touré, was Guinea’s first president from its independence in 1958 until Touré died in 1984. Touré explained the meaning of Guinea’s flag’s colors in the following speech: “Red is the color of blood, symbol of our anti-colonialist martyrs. It is the sweat that runs over the ivory body of farmers, factory workers and other active workers. It is the wish for progress. Therefore red matches perfectly the first word of our motto: “Travail” (Work). Yellow is the color of Guinean gold and African sun. It is the source of energy, generosity and equality for all men to which he gives light equally. Therefore yellow matches perfectly with the second word of our motto: “Justice”. Green is the color of the African vegetation. 85% of the population are farmers living in the countryside, which is ever covered with a green coat. Green symbolizes prosperity which will surely arise from the wide wealth of soil and subsoil, and the difficult life of the countryside masses in our country. Therefore, green will confirm the meaning of the third word of the motto: “Solidarite'” (Solidarity).”

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