SOMALIA, Gowraar Foundation School

Somalia Bahjo and HaniWe welcome these 2 designs from Mogadishu in Somalia. This one has been created by Bahja and Hani together, ages 12 and 13.

They feel that in Somalia ” We all wish for peace because without peace is without life “

Somalia HamdiThis second design has been done by Hamdi who is aged 12.

Hamdi says ” We all wish for peace because peace is good for everyone.”

“Without peace is without light” and “Without peace is without life. “

” We wish for peace because peace is the key of life.”

Thanks to Abdulkadir Halane of the Gowraar Foundation,who has helped us reach this school in Mogadishu, Somalia. We are especially grateful as it has proved most difficult for us to reach young people in this country, as it also proved for Abdulkadir. Nevertheless the children here wish for peace just like they do in every other country.

Abdulkadir explains, “Gowraar is a famous mountain located in the southern Gedo region of Somalia. it used be  an ecological place where life flourished, a symbol of peace and harmony. That same valley is today barren and unable to sustain the smallest of life due to constant droughts and political conflicts. Yet we chose this name, in the hope that we can bring back hope, peace and livelihood to the people of Somalia, whom just like the Valley of Gowraar, droughts and political conflicts have robbed them of a decent live.”

Somali Flag Meaning:
The blue base originates from the flag of the United Nations and it represents the blue sky over Somalia and the UN, who helped the country realize its dream of independence. The white star represents African freedom. The star’s individual points represent the five historical regions inhabited by the Somali people: Italian Somaliland (Somalia), British Somaliland (Somalia), French Somaliland (Djibouti), the Ogaden region of Ethiopia and north Kenya.


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    1. Despite the hardships that have been revealed here, the symbolic flag is held high and resonates with peace and goodwill.

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