The Schools’ International Peace Quilt Newsletter no.16

Dear All,

It has been a time for the project to find itself, a time for reflection of what has gone before and looking to see what is now possible for the future.

The events of the past few days in the U.S. elementary school bring home to us how fragile life truly is……our thoughts go out to everyone who has been personally left devoid of a precious soul after this act. Most people across the World will have been affected in some way. 

Our thoughts and prayers also go to the many Syrian children in a very difficult time for them too.


We are very proud of our new logo which James our graphic designer has created. I am sure you will agree that on this evidence James who is a very young man has a bright future.He is a welcome addition to our team.

U.N. Peace Day 21st September

You will remember we invited schools to take part in the Circle of Peace as a way of supporting Peace Day this year. I do understand it was short notice so we are very grateful to those schools that took part. These are a couple of photos which came our way from Italy, Albania,Ukraine and Belarus.

During this time we have received further drawings from the U.S. Virgin Islands and designs from a second school in Belarus.Thank you very much to Sue from The Rotary Club of St Thomas and Irina from Slonim Gymnasium 1 for your help. We have now also reached 2 different contacts to Somalia.So very soon we will have children represented from this Country.


As a follow on to this email below from Chantal Laarman,The Netherlands……..Chantal and Augustinus College have created a peace project with a writing element involved.

“We all feel very proud and honoured to have been part of this project and we, in fact, hope that this could continue with a visit of the peace quilt to our school in Groningen, The Netherlands. Globalisation plays an important role in our school and we think that the peace quilt will raise a more affective awareness in our students of the positive things we can accomplish when we all work together. We would like to do a project around the peace quilt in which we could work together with other schools in Groningen, but also with other schools abroad.”

This school is forward thinking and would like to incorporate a writing element. As the Schools International Peace Quilt will be visiting their school next April on it’s way to Copenhagen,the school would like to run a project alongside this visit.

We invite you all to participate.

Following is information for the project which this school envisions :
* Chantal already has contacts to schools from The Basque country, Germany,Spain, Italy and Norway .

* All students are invited to write a piece in English (essay, poem, short story, etc.) about the subject of world peace.

 Possible titles:

 – My wish for peace.

– What the word ‘peace’ means to me.

– What needs to happen for world peace to occur?

– How can children promote peace in the world?

– What can you do to help keep peace in your school and in your classroom?

– How I tried to make peace.

– Why this person should be honoured as a ‘peace here’.

– What a world at peace would be like.

These written pieces will be collected and put on wall charts. Photos and small drawings will then be added (from a school contest about peace photos).

In front of the written pieces the school will put big drawings (side-view portraits) of the different nationalities that participate in the project.

Please email Chantal Laarman, whom we are very grateful to for her foresight with this project at with your submissions.We are also happy to include your works on your schools page on the SIPQ site if you also send onto us.


In the last two weeks Colin and co have sent an invitation to all schools, both primary and secondary in our local borough to participate in a Redcar & Cleveland Peace Quilt. We expect to receive designs by April 1st from which we will choose 30 designs to be included in this local quilt. Our aim is to eventually include all counties in the U.K. in the same way. From each County quilt we will then choose the best designs to go into a U.K. quilt.
We also propose to take the original quilt with now 201 Countries involved into local schools to help encourage children to think, visualize and then draw what peace means to them. It is hoped that seeing the quilt will move minds to become more aware of the importance of peace .

TRUCE 2016 

We will be looking to incorporate the project in some way in the RIO 2016 TRUCE especially as this project has received the Olympic Truce 2012 award. An email has been sent to RIO for more information on how this would be possible.Though I am confident our U.K.Olympic Truce contacts can also help us with this. The idea we have is being further explored at the minute to see exactly how feasible and workable we can have the proposed Rio involvement, which would  include all countries if possible. Once we have worked out the finer details we will then let you all know what could happen. Team work would play a very big part if our idea is to succeed.

As Lord Bates states below and I am sure he will not mind me quoting him within this project……….

“The Olympic Truce transcends the games and is the subject of a Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly calling on all member states to ‘pursue initiatives for peace and reconciliation during the period of the Games’. The Resolution of the UN General Assembly is duly signed by every member state and then, sadly, ignored. In fact there is no record of any government taking any initiative for peace during the Games at any time.

The Ancient Games started in 776 BC were held every four years for nearly twelve centuries. The Truce was sacred and violations were extremely rare and punished by suspension from the following Games.

In the modern era the Olympic Truce has been seen as merely symbolic despite being backed by a UN Resolution. The modern Olympics have been running for just over one century and yet during that time they have been cancelled due to war three times, subjected to mass boycotts five times, terrorist attacks twice and the Truce has been violated on virtually every occasion.

What is it that we have lost in three thousand years of civilisation that we should find it so difficult to exercise restraint in the conduct of warfare. ”

I am confident our project has a part to play in Lord Bates aspirations for the Olympic Truce to actually happen at the next Games.


Thank you so much to Lynda and Janice for the nomination of Champion Ambassador. These awards take in quite a vast area ,so  it was very humbling and a great honour to receive such an award on behalf of everyone involved in the project. You have all played your part in this achievement. Thanks also to David Jamilly and the Evening Gazette for their acknowledgement of this global project.


We are looking forward to taking the quilt to the Jewish museum in Manchester in January where I hope to catch up with Lucy. Please continue to pray for Lucy, that She will regain her strength after all the treatment. It is very poignant that one of my very best friends has also recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Another reminder of just how precious everyone is………………….

Wishing everyone that celebrates this festive season a very Merry Christmas and that we may hold onto hope for our children’s futures.

Heartfelt Thanks from

Everyone in The Schools International Peace Quilt Team


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