Well done to all Staff and students from Foundacioni Nehemia school in Albania for beginning Our Circle of Peace for Peace Day September 21st 2012.

Everyone went outside at noon their time to join hands and say a collective prayer for Peace and are seen extending Peace to all Countries

Thanks so much to Luiza Head of Youth Education in the school for organising the activity and getting the photos to us. Lovely to see everyone so happy and joyful.

“We are always ready to cooperate with you in such wonderful peace promoting projects. “Luiza

Botany Downs Secondary College New Zealand Update

Thank you so much to Schools all over the World for your participation in this Project. This is an article by the Times paper in New Zealand highlighting Botany Downs Secondary College’s wonderful contribution. Well done to Demi, Jennifer Kirkham her teacher and all involved. Great work and a delight to receive such an inspirational design. Good luck to Demi for everything She does in the future .

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