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1 woman
4 years
6 quilters
200 Olympic participating countries
1000’s of children

1 message….


Press release July 2012:

Audacious dreams woven at a kitchen table in Guisborough…

Humble housewife, mother and part- time barmaid, Trish Booth dreamt of giving the children of the world a voice.

Painfully shy and most definitely not the ‘campaigning type’, Trish’s passion for World Peace had her both breaking down personal and political barriers.

In May 2010, Trish set about contacting schools across the world. It wasn’t long before pupils were excitedly painting and drawing pictures that described what world peace meant to them.

These were posted to Trish and transformed into a patch and lovingly stitched by a local sewing group in Guisborough.

The result is a stunning quilt which is barely contained in a small gallery beside Leytonstone Tube station.

Here, Trish’s vision and the plaintive pleas of the children continue to touch the hearts of many…

One such person is a local filmmaker who was so moved by Trish and her quest that she offered to help the ladies by making the videos that you can see here.

Inner Peace

Trish has already achieved the seemingly unachievable. But she still has one more goal. In essence its a simple one.

She wants the quilt and it’s message of peace to be seen by as many people as possible.

Given the fact it epitomises the Olympic spirit, she feels that it should have a place in the closing ceremony.

Founded by Trish Booth of Guisborough

Please help us persuade the-powers-that-be to include this in the closing ceremony at this years Olympic games!

Please tweet:

Well what do you think ?Wouldn’t The  #PeaceQuilt2012  look absolutely lovely  in the #2012 #ClosingCeremony

Thank you and peace out! X

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