MALI, Ciwarra school

Great to receive this drawing from The Ciwarra School in Mali considering the conflict in this Country at the moment.

“When we started this project, Mali was at peace and now since March 22, there is conflict.  The kids themselves chose this drawing as the one to represent what is needed now in Mali.  The dove is in the shape of the map of Mali. ” Debbie Fredo.

We all wish for Peace because life is linked to Peace

We wish to thank  the directors Deborah Fredo and Maria Diarra Keita, all the children and staff connected to  the Ciwarra School. We reached this school through  Mr. Stephen L Esquith and his wife Chris from Michigan .
Stephen’s wife  Chris Worland (who is a quilter and fabric artist 😉 ) has been working very closely with the Ciwara School in Kati, Mali for several years.  In fact, Chris did a quilt project with the Ciwara School and their  local elementary school  in Michigan a few years back.  Since 2004 Stephen and Chris have taken a study abroad program to Mali and now spend 3-4 weeks at the Ciwara School with their students from Michigan State University.

We wish Mali Peace…………….

Mali Flag Meaning:
The green stripe symbolizes hope, nature and fertility of the land. The yellow represents purity and mineral wealth and red stands for strength and the blood spilt for independence.

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